Kick it to the back

Used to get confused during battements at the barre.
Arm out to the side, kicking to the side and there’s Smirnoff calling, “behind your arm, my dear! The leg goes behind your arm, not in front!”
And I’d be like, oh right, der, I knew that.
And then do it wrong again later.
And think ‘Gah! Can’t get this straight! How am I ever gonna remember this?!’
Until the day Kir jumped in and said, “that is a hard one to remember! Cause it’s the opposite in jazz, your leg goes in front in jazz! It’s like here’s jazz-(battement in front of the arm) here’s ballet(battement just behind the arm) Jazz!(bam!) Ballet!(bam!) Jazz!(bam!) Ballet! (bam!)”, meanwhile demonstrating extension of the sort that would make a grown man cry. High high point to the sky battements. Kir is the one I look to for proof of concept when Smirnoff is shouting, “to the ears, ladies!” and I’m like, “no sir, that is not humanly possible-oh well lookit that. Guess it is.”
So now I think of Kir, and how Jazz legs go in front of the arm, because they’re sexy and aggressive, but Ballet legs go behind, because the cool trick of the high kick is secondary to the granduer and nobility of your arms and shoulders.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Kick it to the back

  1. bronwensw says:

    I’m glad you wrote this, I’ve just been doing what I want; like if I know i’m closing devant my leg goes in front of the arm and if i’m closing derriere I kick it up behind. Sometimes I kick it all up infront because whatevs. I will promptly attempt to correct that :)
    I guess it makes sense as the arms are curved inwards but the leg should be turned outwards at the hip. Maybe this will help with maintaining perfect ballet posture.

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