Darn simple

Ok, so I stayed late after work today and made these samples of different ways to darn pointe shoes- blanket stitch, chain stitch, all these fancy ways…
So I could show my teacher and he could say, “No no no not like that here let me show you”
and then he’d pick up the needle I had pre-threaded and ready for him to show me that what he wants is literally darning.
Like you would darn a sock.
Like, you do a running stitch in vertical lines all the way across the tip, then you go horizontally over-under-over-under.
No going around the circle to finish it off, either.
That’s it.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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1 Response to Darn simple

  1. Oh my that’s funny. I admit, I was kind of holding my breath waiting to see what fancy stitch he was going to show you that would make my old darning look ridiculously simple. I did like to run stitches around the edge of the circle when I had time, but as I got more advanced and started going through a pair a week I stopped darning altogether and just got used to the feel of the satin.

    I hope you’ll post your masterpiece when done!

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