Just a little pep talk

Rainy and cold here.
Highly Unusual, Gentle Reader. Usually we don’t get any kind of weather but hot from March to December, occasionally interrupted by gently falling flakes of ash from whatever nearby forest is on fire.
So I’m in class, at the barre. Tired. Muscles feel heavy. Body stiff.
Girl at the barre couple spaces down gets corrected on some little thing and actually whines in protest. Whines! Like a frikin two-year-old!
Teacher says, “Yes, I know, the weather is bad and you are feeling it. Well guess what, we are all feeling it. Join The Club.”
Oh snappity-snap!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Just a little pep talk

  1. Sarah Dani says:

    we feel the same way here in Cen CA! It’s May for crying out loud! It’s so hard to get motivated to dance and move around when it feels like naptime!

  2. Acacia says:

    We’re the same here in central Illinois. We’ve had maybe 4 sunny days in two weeks. But whining in class? Was she an adult?

  3. mladen says:

    in times like these i vigorously advocate the use of canes and sticks as didactic tools. smack the whining right out of them privileged ungrateful damn princesses…no place for those! go! get out!

    but seriously, whining makes one’s attire equally seriously unattractive…

  4. Natalie Long says:

    The midwest is pretty soggy and gray. Would love to be in Cali! As long as I’m in class, however, I could care less about the weather!

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