Show me the money

Gentle Reader, I can hear you saying, “but what did the Adult Beginner buyyyyyy?! What padding? What ribbons? (and if it’s not too impolite to ask) how much did it cost????”
Ok ok, chill, I’ll spill!
The damage:
Bloch European Balance, pink, size 6 2X- $66
Lé assistant asked Mr. Fit if I had ended up with the most expensive pair. He said no ma’am, not by a longshot.
Ouch Pouch (Bunheads Dance Accessories) toe pads, size large- $25
That one kinda hurt. Really was not expecting that price. But dang, kinda need them.
Pink satin ribbon, Grishko-$3.50
Lé assistant kept badgering Mr. Fit about giving us some of “the good ribbon. The nice heavy stuff. Not that stuff that just shreds when you look at it.”
Nude 3/4″ elastic, approximately 18 inches-not listed on receipt
Small wad of lambswool that I’d tried on-free
Mr. Fit: “it’s not like I’m gonna put it back in the bag now.”
At the bottom of the receipt are the handwritten words “Teacher Presented.”
Teacher presented what. Her bottom? Hee hee!
Ok for reals though, guessing lé assistant brings in a fair amount of business, as do all the teachers in the area, and maybe this is why I received such undivided attention and why the elastic was free.
So that added up to $94.50, then tax, all told just a little over $100.
Lé assistant asked if I had told my husband that it would be about $100.
I said yes, he has increased my allowance pending good behavior.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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16 Responses to Show me the money

  1. odile says:

    The gel pads will last through several pairs of shoes, expect to replace them annually if you only take one or two pointe classes a week, more frequently if you take more classes. Wash in warm water with soap when they get too skunky, let them air dry, and dust them with corn starch (never talcum powder, it’s slippery) and knock off the excess before use.

    When pair one is dead, you can pick the stitches of the ribbons off, wash the ribbons, and plaster them on your refrigerator to dry. Then reuse. I can get ribbons to last through three pairs of shoes. You might get lucky with the elastics too, but I wouldn’t bet on it. You can also rip the shank out of the dead shoes and use them as slippers. There’s fourteen to twenty-five bucks right there if it saves you from buying a pair of slippers.

    So that’s how to save $28.50, plus sales tax on your next purchase! Almost enough for a new leotard. Or enough for a couple of pairs of tights.

    • Lordy. Well thank goodness for that. So glad to hear the dang ouch pouches will last more than one shoe.
      And the nice thing about working in the costume world is there are always scraps of nude elastic to be had.
      Which is good news as I’m about due for a new pair of tights.
      Now imagining Mr. Adult Beginner finding ouch pouches dangling here and there and his “what the heck is this thing?” expression.

  2. Janet says:

    What fun! I am looking forward to your upcoming adventures in pointe class. You can probably ask your classmates about the “best” elastic and ribbons. Then there are all of the other products you can find to make your shoes last longer, techniques to break them in, and so on. Hopefully Mr Adult Beginner will set up a pointe shoe fund.

  3. Juliet says:

    Once you know the exact shoe that you need, you can order them online for quite a bit cheaper from Discount Dance Supply :)

    • Good call. I mean, to be honest, I doubt that this is my perfect shoe. Because, like, how’re you gonna find your perfect shoe straight out of the gate? Like, at work, I didn’t find my perfect scissor right away. It took years! Used the 12″ serrated edge for Years because they were so big and cool. But really, the 8″ fit my hand better.

      • Jennifer says:

        Yeah, could take a while to get the pair that you totally fall in love with. However, even if you don’t buy your shoes online, all of the other stuff is available online too. Ouch Pouches (even though they last for a long time) are WAY cheaper online. Also, I’m definitely an advocate of re-using ribbon and elastic. :)

        Congratulations! Can’t wait to read about your first pointe class!

  4. Kylara7 says:

    Yay! So much fun to try and buy :) Hopefully you are more skilled in sewing than I…it was one of those “womanly arts” I rebelled against and refused to learn as a child. Now, as an adult scientist by profession and dancer by recreation, I have gotten a crash course via doing animal surgeries and sewing ballet shoes (I’m seriously going to swipe a curved surgical needle for home…makes the task of catching the lining and not the satin much easier, much like suturing the muscle layer separately from the skin…no joke). My mother DID try to tell me that no education was ever wasted and that experience is the best teacher ;)

    • Dang, you are hardcore. Curved needles is difficult, yo!

      • Kylara7 says:

        I thought so originally too, but the person who trained me explained that it’s easier because you just have to give it a “twist of the wrist” and let the needle do the work…it took some practice to get the technique, but she was right, it works!

        I’ll look forward to hearing about your journey with the pointes…where you place your ribbons and how you sew your elastics, break in your shoes, etc. :)

  5. mladen says:

    ouchpouch? i guess you know from the start there’ll be some pain involved, no going round the bushes with pointé equipement…

    or is it ouch-my-money-pouch? jeez that’s quite a sum!

    but really splendid looking Madame Fancypants! when do we get to see you in them?

    • I am under Strict Instructions not to prance around in them at home. Seriously Strict Instructions. Like lé assistant could read my mind or something.

      • mladen says:

        just a teeency weeency quick little static cuuuutsie woootsie photo in pointé?

        but seriously, it would be like watching the landing on the moon but only you’re not watching you’re listening to the radio which is awesome but you could be watching! you know?

        i guess patience is not i virtue i possess…

  6. Jeff says:

    Fun! As a guy I can live and learn vicariously through your pointe shoe journey, haha. I just bought a couple of pairs of new ballet shoes online (run-of-the-mill Capezios in leather and canvas), so my only excitement (not) will be trying to remind myself how to sew elastics on. :)

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