Are we still talking about Black Swan?

’cause here’s another thing.
Actors do not want to wear clothing. Let alone costumes with any level of difficulty. Costumes confuse them, restrict them, and are often the first thing identified as a problem when everything else starts to go all to hell.
Some things I’ve heard during fittings:
“why do I have to wear a corset? Aren’t I thin enough?” (yes, you’re practically a whippet, not the point, the corset is about posture, line, and you not being slumped over on the couch like you are right this very minute)
“but I don’t like this color! Doesn’t the director care what I think?!” (darling, not to be rude, but the director doesn’t care what anyone thinks)
“no. I don’t like that one. I’m not trying it on. What else is there?”
(um, please?)
“but, if I’m wearing this, I can’t wave my arms like a crazy person above my head like this!” (oh. Is that something your character does? It’s not? So, you will never need to do that? Huh)
I mean, you can’t blame them. Years of Uggs and sweatpants have made them accustomed to total, au-natural-ish levels of freedom of movement and it’s hard to convince them that some roles are actually aided by the feeling of polite restraint offered by, say, a collared shirt and necktie.
“but it touches my neck!”
So, it just occurred to me that it is truly amazing that Natalie Portman even put the pointe shoes on, even for a single second, let alone danced in them, acted, acted well, and has never complained about how wearing those stupid shoes interfered with her acting.
I say bravo!


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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