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Girl, you is looking sturdy tonight!

What I like about this picture: (Violetta Elvin as Odette in Lé Lac Des Cygnes) (from Ballet Portraits, by Maurice Seymore, copyright 1952 Pelligrini and Cudahy) Those hips! Can I get an amen? Strong legs Fishnet stockings. See, they’re not … Continue reading

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Sturdiness. It has it’s benefits.

He said yes! Marched up after the reverénce and asked Smirnoff if I may join the pointe class, and he said yes! And his assistant said, “I’m sure you can do pointe as well as any other.” Gentle Reader, I … Continue reading

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Are we still talking about Black Swan?

Good. ’cause here’s another thing. Actors do not want to wear clothing. Let alone costumes with any level of difficulty. Costumes confuse them, restrict them, and are often the first thing identified as a problem when everything else starts to … Continue reading

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Adult beginner quandaries

So, we’re doing grande battements at the barre: standing leg strong, body strong, no swinging, working leg sweeps up and Hold! then down, close fifth. Then sweep up, Hold down, close fifth. Eight times to the front, then side, then … Continue reading

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Two conversations with Menfolk

Chatting with a coworker over some handsewing the other day. He took ballet in college, even some pointe, so he’s my go-to work ballet chat person. Told him about the rough class I had the other day. With the correction … Continue reading

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Most ephemeral

Listening to the radio the other day. NPR, duh. And they’re talking about this exhibit coming up at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary Museum called Art In The Streets, which is “a landmark retrospective” of street art and graffiti and it sounds … Continue reading

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A moment of Deep Despair

Had a moment of deep despair in class last night. Deep, it felt like that sound they’ve been using in movies a lot lately to represent time slowing, a heavy heavy bass that sinks downward to even more bass and … Continue reading

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