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How to shrug

Lot of people coming to Adult Beginner by googling the words, ‘Black Swan Shrug’. People. Lemme help you out. Step 1. Cut a hole in the box Hahahahaha! Ahem. Step 1. Wear a long sleeve shirt. Step 2. Grab the … Continue reading

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Degas was a bad dinner guest

Went to the Morgan Library in NYC a while back. To see an exhibit of Maurice Sendak’s working sketches for Where The Wild Things Are. After staring at that totally awesome exhibit for, like, ever, I wandered off into a … Continue reading

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Just another tutu photo

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Passé Relevé, olé!

Passé Relevé front and back is one of the exercises we do at the barre, usually in combo with pas de bourré. It’s one of those moves that was super easy for The Adult Beginner while it was just a … Continue reading

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Love bites

Wore black tights to class. Black tights with the feet cut out, ankle length or folded up to calf length. This looks very dancer-y to me, despite the fact that they are Totally Inconvenient for ballet class. Any step with … Continue reading

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Happy Sad Happy Sad

It is all ups and downs in Adult Beginner Land tonight. There is a new girl in class who is very slim and pretty, and I feel jealous about that. But pretty things make me happy, so I’m also glad … Continue reading

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Beyond the pale

One of the reasons I love ballet: Ballet loves the pale. Went to an acupuncturist, was lying there on the table, needles stuck in my face, looking like the dog who gets a little too curious about the porcupine, when … Continue reading

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