Love bites

Wore black tights to class.
Black tights with the feet cut out, ankle length or folded up to calf length.
This looks very dancer-y to me, despite the fact that they are Totally Inconvenient for ballet class. Any step with quick strikes to the ankle, like those bizarre-o frappés we do, is slowed way way down by the friction of leather shoe on bare skin. And forget about sliding a bare ankle along the barre during barre stretch.
But sometimes I wear them anyway.
I do what I want!
So there I was in class, trying to push my bare ankle along the barre and feeling like a dork for not bringing a towel or something to slide on, when I noticed a little round bruise, on the inner front ankle, right at the place where my ankle meets the barre when we barre-stretch in arabesque.
Never would have noticed this bruise if I’d been wearing full length tights.
Reminded me of a music student I knew in school. She almost always had a little round bruise on her neck, just to the side of her chin. Looked exactly like a hickey. You would totally assume she was fresh from a make-out if you didn’t know she played violin all the live-long day.
I thought it was very sweet, that her instrument had marked her with a love-bite, but she didn’t see it that way. She was embarrassed at the trampy look of it, and would sometimes wear a scarf.
Still, always liked the idea that the intimate relationship between a musician and her instrument could be summed up in that one little physical manifestation.
Love, passion, pain, all that.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Love bites

  1. odile says:

    Hmm–never thought about my dance related boo-boos in quite this way. Years of doing ballet have rendered my feet looking like the poster children of why they have those signs in restaurants that say, “No shoes, no service!”

  2. roriroars says:

    I used to hate the “love bites” my French horn gave me… although at least the ring around my lip usually faded within a few minutes after I stopped playing. Dance “love bites”, though, those suckers last. My legs are covered in bruises from rehearsal. And just yesterday I skinned part of my foot on the marley while we were practicing a modern piece. At which point a little part of my brain said, “Yeah! Street cred!” We dancers are kinda sick and masochistic.

  3. jenniferc says:

    i wear the calluses on my feet from pointe shoes proudly, even in open toed sandals in the summer.

  4. Nicole says:

    yay, congrats on your ballet-love bite! =)

  5. Somedude says:

    Saw your post about a girl in your class being able to do the splits while not warmed up and by the way you worded it, I thought perhaps you had some misconceptions about flexibility. Also you want to start with dynamic flexing. Check out the following page and read all… 13 or however many pages of it (the continue link is small and hard to spot but there is multiple pages) , I think you will gain a lot of insight (even though it’s aimed at martial arts) particularly when it comes to the splits.

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