Let’s talk about pointe, Baby

Ok, so people still ask me all the time when I’m going on pointe.
Which is annoying for reasons I’ve already explained involving other peoples arm fat.
Thing is, The Adult Beginner hasn’t daydreamed about pointe in a long time. Because the more I work on demi-pointe, the more I see that it’s really beautiful and valid in itself…
Reminds me of back when I was seventeen and was making out with A More Experienced Guy, and he said that making-out was more satisfying to him than sex.
The Whut you say?!
Serious Epiphany Bomb.
See, ’cause I had not yet been there/done that, and I’d been in the mindset that the make-outs were kinda like practice for The Big Show, you know, but then he was all like, ‘nope, I’m here for the make-outs. The make-outs are legit.’
Point is- demi-pointe, like making-out, is often seen as That Thing You Do Before You Do Better Things.
So, let’s talk about sex. I mean pointe. I mean the Salt&Peppa song, Let’s talk about sex.
Switch out the word sex for the word pointe:
Let’s talk about pointe, baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be
Other songs work too:
Pointe is natural, pointe is good. Not everybody does it-but everybody should
That’s George Michael, I think, from the song, I Want Your Pointe.
Works the other way too:
Do a pointe related search and start substituting the word pointe with the word sex, and suddenly all these articles entitled, ‘Am I read for pointe? Am I too old for pointe? What can I do to prepare for pointe?’ with answers about making sure you’re mentally as well as physically ready for pointe become like a million times more hilarious.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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27 Responses to Let’s talk about pointe, Baby

  1. Nichelle says:

    Ha ha! Love it :)

    Will you be my poster child for the Pointe AbStinence Society for those willing PASS on pointe? Seriously, way too many teens (and adults) are doing it before they are ready which can lead to unwanted injuries.

  2. roriroars says:

    Wow, this is hilarious and so true! Think, too, about all the disillusioned people who have gone on pointe and found it to not be at all what they were expecting. Hahaha…

  3. Laura says:

    I re-started on pointe (after ~25 years) this past October or so. The first few months were a struggle but in the last couple of weeks I have started to feel a lot more comfortable and competent with it. But a big part of what helped me persevere was the thought that I could stop whenever I wanted. It’s great to be an adult dancer and be able to make those choices.

    I do, however, appreciate a really beautiful high demi-pointe. I wish my demi-pointe looked a bit better. Sadly, doing a demi-pointe relevé in pointe shoes looks like doing a relevé with a shoe box on your foot.

  4. Johanna says:

    Best post on why not to pointe ever!

    I started pointe after 16 years in soft shoes. That makes it legit, right?

  5. Maria says:

    I just laughed out loud in the coffee shop and everyone turned around and looked at me! Made my day.. and now I will walk down the street singing this song. New Yorkers will love it ;)

  6. jenniferc says:

    There are some ballet teachers that heavily encourage their adult students to go on pointe…i was appalled when I visited a class when half the beginning class were struggling on pointe, when they clearly weren’t ready.

    I wonder if there is a business benefit for the studio when adult students to go on pointe? Those students may be more inclined to take ballet classes, perservere more if they are on pointe, as opposed to flat shoes…just a thought. The student always feels flattered too, when the teacher says they are ready for pointe.

  7. candice says:

    Hmm. Don’t let the arms stop you whenever you think you want to try. My annoying fat arms have gotten a smidge thinner since I started pointe, so I suppose there’s hope in there somewhere. Also adult ballet corps costumes usually have frilly armbands to take care of that problem. (In college, our costume designer gave me pretty split-middle lace sleeves. I thanked her for that even if her costumes were insane.)

    Funny you mention this now – just Friday was in pointe class where all of us adults were feeling rather jiggly from the bourrees…

    • Oh Candice.
      Looks like you didn’t follow the arm fat link. Because if you had you would know that I was making fun of other people’s arm fat. Now feeling kinda bad about that after reading your sweet and encouraging comment.
      What are you trying to do here, melt the Adult Beginner’s tiny iceberg of a heart?!

      • candice says:

        I am -so- not a cheerleader so that is really funny. All is cool.

        Was more trying to share the middle aged women in leotards bitching part, really. At (almost) 30 I am the youngest by a bunch. They’re a fun group.

  8. Probably the coolest post written on pointe! Ever. 1 point for you! :)

  9. balletnerd says:

    This is my favorite post so far. Not only that – but the comments above were great.

  10. odile says:

    I do pointe because I’ve done it most of my adult life. There are a couple of middle aged adults beginning pointe in our studio, and I applaud them for their perseverance and work ethic. Or perversity in the face of adversity!

    My teacher has a unique way of discouraging adults from doing pointe if she feels they aren’t suitable for it: She takes off her teaching sandals, and asks them if they would want to try to buy dressy shoes to fit feet that look like that. Most of them rethink the whole enterprise after that!

  11. 30somethingfauxballerina says:

    Don’t forget that the special episode Dora the Explorer’s Ballet Adventure airs tonight at 7pm. I’m pretty sure she’s wearing pointe shoes in the preview. And she’s only like 4 years old! If Dora can do it, anyone can. Right? (I’m actually kinda jealous of her moves.)

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  13. Astra says:

    Still not there yet. But I’ve heard it hurts.

  14. karma007 says:

    I just read this. As an adult with a shiny first pair of pointe shoes in my bag waiting for teacher approval, I just about died…Thank you.

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