Question Mark is the Magic Number

Found my scale last week. Put it in the bathroom. It’s been sitting there, just waiting to tell me what this magical, pirouette inducing weight is.
Yeah, as Smirnoff says, I’m Turning Again.
Got a correction during the barre pirouette exercise that was not the usual, ‘chin up, look up, use your arm’. Nay, Gentle Reader, it was a correction from a whole ‘nother realm of existence: “Don’t stop yourself on the barre! Go for a double!”
So I did. It wasn’t clean, it ended on both feet instead of one nice demi-point, but there was definitely a double rotation on a vertical axis.
Been chilly in the new house of a morning, so my modus operadi has become: put clothes on Immediately, which means no weighing-in as the Adult Beginner likes to see an accurate, clothes free number flash back from the scale. Otherwise I’m likely to do like Romy&Michelle and decide it’s ok to subtract sixteen pounds for my shoes.
This morning curiosity beat chilliness, I hoped on the scale, turns out the damned thing is broken or something!
So, the magic number is still a mystery.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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3 Responses to Question Mark is the Magic Number

  1. Johanna says:

    I´m curious too about that magic number. And any magic that helps me to turn better, for that matter. My pirouettes had been absent for a while (they tend to do that, come and go whenever they please – it´s like those pirouettes are the boss of me or something) – but came back last Friday. Just like that. Hail Mary. And I know it´s not because of less weight, since I´m eating chocolate like bread.

    And congrats on the double! I think they are harder to do at the barre – I´ve actually banged my knees pretty hard when I misjudged the distance! Scary.. :)

  2. Sometimes ballet class is a battle where you have to struggle and prove yourself, and sometimes ballet class is the only part of the day that makes any sense.
    The Day Of The Double started with a broken toilet, drive to hardware store to purchase plunger, car break-down on route home, tow truck to car repair place, walk back home carrying heavy paint buckets and plunger, remainder of morning spent plunging toilet and crying until plumber arrived…such a great relief to get to class and know plié comes first, then tendu, and then why not double pirouette after all that other stuff?

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