High-Five to Amy Westcott, costume designer of Black Swan

Did you like Nina’s one leg warmer in Black Swan?
That was Amy Westcott.
You know, the costume designer for Black Swan.
Here’s a very interesting article about costume design and fashion and where the twain do not meet.



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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to High-Five to Amy Westcott, costume designer of Black Swan

  1. Somethin’s been nagging at me about that film…. who made the leo/skirt/shrug/warmers in the early rehearsal scenes? You know with the white leo and pink skirt? It look a lot like Mirella – but its not. I actually checked into this with a film costume blog, but they didn’t know. Everyone’s agog over the Yumiko stuff, but that’s not the stuff I thought looked coolest. ABs knows all things ballet-costumey – any ideas?

    • Very Interesting!
      My powers of ballet-costumey are a bit diminished just now due to new homeownership with insueing projector/screen/screener copy of Black Swan pack away in a box somewhere.
      Will keep ear to the ground.
      Did you check with Frock Talk?

      • Nancy says:

        Did we actually find out about the shrug? I know it’s been 2 years but I’m still obsessed! It’s this particular white shrug http://thefashioneaste.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/blackswan.png
        that keeps me scanning the search pages like a crazy woman.

        • That one in the picture is definitely the ol’ T-shirt-pulled-up-over-and-behind-the-head-to-make-a-shrug trick.
          Nice thin shirt like that, my first guess is James Perse. Actors be crazy ’bout some James Perse Ts, they’re tissue thin and expensive as all hell.
          But that’s a totally unconfirmed, off the top of my head, guess.
          I checked to see if I could just ask Ms. Westcott on the twitter but I don’t see her there.

  2. BalletAli says:

    The leotards used in Black Swan were all Yumiko. It’s a pretty popular brand these days that people like because it is a nice nylon material that does not ride up.

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