Go Easy

If there is one thing that will make me exit a blog faster than a bat out of hell with a jet engine strapped to it’s back and a rocket booster strapped to the jet engine, it is this phrase:

“Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!!!”

It’s like, Dudes, this is the Internet. No one will notice the lag time since your last post unless you tell them! So dont tell on yourself! Or they read the date, which takes a little extra effort on their part! Unless an apology is in order because the world is hanging on your every word, in which case, well, I salute your sense of self.
Seriously, I don’t want to read anything that starts with an apology.
But anyway!
Back to my point! What was my point?
Oh right-
I missed an entire week of ballet class. That’s two whole classes. And my teacher was very concerned when I got back. He was all, “My Dear, I was worried, were you ill?” and I was all, ‘no, I was moving, isn’t moving a helacious month long experience that involves missing longstanding social engagements for everyone, or is that just me?’
Then he told me an odd thing.
Well, first he told me I have lost four or five pounds, which is great news as my scale is in a box somewhere and I haven’t seen it in about three weeks,
and then he told me to Go Easy.
Don’t do class full-on.
I’m not even sure if I have the capacity for not going full-on just yet. Ballet is kind of an on/off switch, it never occurred to me to treat it like a dimmer, like dial down the intensity.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Go Easy

  1. William says:

    I know that feeling, I’ve been absent from class for a few weeks, but it hasn’t left my mind for a moment. I should like to take class from your instructor, he sounds like someone that would calm a hurricane with his force of will.

  2. Alli says:

    Going easy in class is a tough one; took me a long time to learn. When I was younger, no matter what, I put every ounce of energy I had into class…. sometimes that simply wasn’t a good idea. If I wasn’t 100% for other reasons (illness, injury etc) then I would often have a terrible class no matter how hard I tried, and I also risked further injury.

    Its ironic that you should mention this, actually. My teacher was just commenting that I never seem to be injured, despite the fact that, because of my crazy schedule, I sometimes will miss 2 or 3 weeks of class. I’ve discovered that with experience, I’ve become much, much better at listening to my body and taking it easy so that I won’t be injured. Maybe that means easing off on an extension, or stretching with the low barre instead of the high barre… sometimes, this means practicing an awesome single pirouette, instead of doubles or triples.

    I think your instructor just wanted you to be careful after missing a couple of classes… he didn’t want you to overdo it and hurt yourself. :)

    • It’s hard to go easy if it’s thought of as less effort. That feels like half-assery.
      You’re on to something there with the single pirouette instead of multiples: instead of thinking of going easy physically, I’d do better to think of being really correct and as specific as possible in the technique, which will naturally lead to reigning it in a little. Or maybe a lot. Good call!

  3. Getting to Go Big is one of the reasons I’m so glad I stumbled into a Vaganova class- Russian ballet loves the grand, and it’s easier for me to understand a big guesture. Even if I can’t do it, I can aim for it, and aiming for grandeur is more fun than aiming for subtlety at this point.

    • candice says:

      You might like modern dance for the same reason – it is often very much about the big stuff. I spent the first couple years of adult ballet learning how to move small – coming from a “the bigger you move, the less times you have to repeat the exercise to get across the room” mindset.

      We do a grande allegro from La Bayadere every once in a while in intermediate class that is awesome Russian jumpy happiness. (I am that weird person that likes the bonkers cecchetti changements.)

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