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Let’s talk about pointe, Baby

Ok, so people still ask me all the time when I’m going on pointe. Which is annoying for reasons I’ve already explained involving other peoples arm fat. Thing is, The Adult Beginner hasn’t daydreamed about pointe in a long time. … Continue reading

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kindle my ass!

Reading Jennifer Homans’ Apollo’s Angels on the kindle for iPad. Not enjoying the reading as much as I thought I would. Woah, I mean, not like that, I Love the actual book! It’s fantastic! Love! Just not loving the kindle … Continue reading

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Jump from my heels? Really?

So, I’m in class, and Smirnoff calls out, “My Dear! You must jump from your heels! Not the balls of your feet. Your heels, my dear. You must jump from your heels or you will have no height in your … Continue reading

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Question Mark is the Magic Number

Found my scale last week. Put it in the bathroom. It’s been sitting there, just waiting to tell me what this magical, pirouette inducing weight is. Yeah, as Smirnoff says, I’m Turning Again. Got a correction during the barre pirouette … Continue reading

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Still Life with Extension Cord

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Unsolicited ballet-related parenting advice from non-parents!!

Everyone loves unsolicited advice, right? Especially about parenting, right? Especially from people who are not parents, right? Well everyone is in Luck! Here’s some unsolicited ballet-related parenting advice from non-parents. First from Smirnoff “Back when I taught in Argentinta, whenever … Continue reading

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Things that go cramp in the night

The Adult Beginner was woken in the night by a Monstrous Leg Cramp. One of the muscles that attaches at the knee and runs upward through the inner thigh had been switched into the ON position, and was steadily, painfully, … Continue reading

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