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Fifth Position: it ain’t no thing.

Smirnoff says Mr. B aka Blalanchine used to come by Smirnoff’s father’s studio and complain about how no one in America will stand in fifth position. I’m sure there are nuances to this statement that I do not understand. But … Continue reading

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Hold your head high

Smirnoff tells me in ballet class, “Hold your head proud and high. You, my Dear, are a Land Owner.” He doesn’t say homeowner. He says Land Owner.

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I like to move it, move it

Ok, so the Adult Beginner bought a house. I mean, the Adult Beginner and Mr. Adult Beginner. And now Every Waking Moment is packing and moving. Every. Waking. You know. We’re getting to that point where I’m deciding what clothing … Continue reading

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Give this ballet teacher a piece of your mind

The Adult Beginner received this comment/question yesterday, and thought, why not open this up to the universe? Love your blog… I frittered away a whole afternoon at work (just kidding, boss!) reading all your posts. So… I’m not adult beginner, … Continue reading

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Huh. Apparently it’s a new year.

Ok fine! I admit it! It’s a new year already! Time for resolving things and stuff. Sheesh. There was that one year when I made a resolution to get more jewelry. Accomplished it! Have a friend who picks a word … Continue reading

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