2 legit, 2 legit 2 quit

Way way back in the early parts of 2010, Brand-Spanking-New at ballet, occasionally on the way to ballet class I’d pass my neighbor in the parking lot, and he’d be all like, “Well howdy, Neighbor! Where ya headed?” and I’d be all like, “oh hi! Um, you know, just off to (mumble mumble) ballet class (cough, mumble mumble) bye!” and then flee to my car, knowing the neighbor was thinking to himself, “Wow, that Awkward Thing is taking ballet? Never knew she was So Delusional, bless her little heart.”
And then I’d come back from class and be all excited and bursting at the seams with stories, and I would be totally monopolizing dinner conversation and be going On and On to my husband about ballet class but then suddenly I’d remember that one Henry Rollins spoken word piece where he’s ranting about his girlfriend and how all she ever talks about is yoga and smoothies, and like, I definitely don’t wanna be that girl, so it seemed like maybe it was time to start a blog, and then the blog wasn’t just a blog, it was also a portal into this fascinating world of People Who Ballet, and then this crazy thing happened:
Being an adult beginner began to feel Legit.
Now when I see my neighbor on the way to class, I’m know he’s not judging me, he’s thinking about whether he bought enough cheese for his nachos. Or whatever.
Legitimacy is a super great feeling, you guys.
So, you know there’s this contest for the Top Dance Blogs of 2010 going on, hosted by Nichelle at Dance Advantage, right?
Well, thanks to your votes, Gentle Reader, Adult Beginner made it into the finalist voting round!
And final voting is coming right up.
If you would like to vote, bourré yourself over to DanceAdvantage Dec 27th to Dec 30, where you will find AdultBeginner in the Dance Student/Beginner category and the Top Twenty category.
And you can see and vote for all the other categories too.
Just one vote per category.
And Thanx you guys, it’s been a rad year.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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3 Responses to 2 legit, 2 legit 2 quit

  1. amy says:

    sorry to be so dense, but I don’t see where to vote on the website? — fellow Adult Beginner Who Wants to Vote for You.

  2. Whoa you guys, that contest was pretty ferocious.
    Here’s what the haps is:
    Adult Beginner came in second in the Dance Student/Beginner category, with 65 votes.
    That’s a helluvalotta votes! Hell yes!
    Also, Adult Beginner came in fifteenth out of the top twenty, which is just, like, crazy awesome.
    Gentle Reader, I thank you sincerely for your votes, and now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to have to try and put all this adulation behind me and get back to working on those damned chainé-nés.

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