Adult Beginner On Strug

Before class, warming up, Smirnoff is getting his cassette tapes all lined up and ready.
He calls out:
“My Dear, are you dieting?”
Instantly I freeze up, thinking, ‘oh my damn, is he about to tell me I’m too fat? Again?!’
Mercifully no one else is in the studio this time, so I muster up a “Yes? A little bit?”
He says, “Yes, I see that you have lost weight. This is ok as long as it is on purpose. But you know, My Dear, whenever your weight changes your balance shifts, you must re-learn. If you were in school and had class everyday it would not be such a hard change, but as it is, you must fight it out each class. This is why your pirouette has gone away, but keep working hard. You will get it back.”
Now, rest assured: the Adult Beginner does not disappear when viewed sideways, nor does the Adult Beginner have to run around in a rainstorm to get wet.
There’s no wasting away going on up in here, Gentle Reader, so don’tcha worry none.
What I take this conversation to mean is: he saw that I just barely had it and he sees that I lost it and he sees how I’m struggling. And he’s encouraging me to keep on struggling.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Adult Beginner On Strug

  1. Bead_109 says:

    I can’t believe he still uses cassette tapes! I’m not sure if it’s cute or just Not.

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