Chainés! Nonsense! Flamingo Croquet!

Slow chainés.
Why must you torment me so????!!!!!?????
Smirnoff tells me the slow chainés are exactly like the soutenu turn we do at the barre.
Dude might as well be telling me why is a raven like a writing desk.
I mean, I get that you do the piqué, and then do a soutenu, and then close fifth, so, like, they’re sorta related in that they both involve a soutenu, but, then there’s the fact that one is a simple supported barre turn and the other involves hurtling across the room on your own on a diagonal while trying to spot and not to fall over.
Otherwise known as Totally Not The Same!
Or, also know as One Is Way Harder Than The Other!
Sometimes when I’m riding my bicycle I think to myself, “Self, how come you can balance on two wheels like this no problem, but you have yet to make it across the room doing a step with both feet?”
Have figured this out: Must be sure to spot an object that really is in the studio with you, not it’s reflection in the studio mirror. If you spot a reflection while you are gyroscope-ing across the room, you may end up through the looking glass.
And the Adult Beginner does not wish to go among the mad.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to Chainés! Nonsense! Flamingo Croquet!

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  2. Johanna says:

    Hahahaa, I can SO relate !

    Try this: when you´re doing slow chainés, hold your unmoving spot as long as you can, then whip-lash your head around. This will really help you once you pick up more speed.

    Also, loved your Alice in Wonderland -reference :)

    • I was thinking about your comment in class today, really concentrating on whip-lashing.
      No vague spots!
      Made it all the way along the diagonal without have to pause and re-start. There was so much less of that I’m-about-to-fall-over-better-rush-into-the-next-step feeling.
      Sometimes one just needs to receive advice in just the right wording, at just the right time, right?
      Thank you so much, your advice was Just Right and Right On.

  3. …and this is why I hate mirrors in the ballet studio. I realize it’s a lost cause, I will never find my mirror-free, or at least portable-mirrored-that-can-be-removed-after-barre studio, but still, it IS quite annoying, specially when turning!

    • candice says:

      It exists, you just have to make it.

      The studio where I take class they have a few sets of windowshades that they cover the mirrors with to help the kids get ready for the stage. Works pretty well for them.

      You would have liked it in the modern company I used to be in college; we sometimes got lucky and had the stage for a few months before performance. Did warmups and everything out there. And rehearsed facing away from the mirrors while in-studio.

  4. mladen says:

    i just did my first chaines yesterday. everybody was like, whateva, fu fu fu!, doing gazillion turns.

    me, i felt like them people

    anyways, been going through your posts and the comments, perhaps with the acquired knowledge, tomorrow i’ll fare better…

  5. Hong says:

    This post sums up my adult ballet beginner experience right now…

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