Don’t tell anyone, but-

-I did a pirouette.
Just one.
It might’ve been accidental, you guys!
No one saw me do it, Smirnoff was busy calling out to Lillet to pull up, everyone else was too busy double-ing and triple-ing.
Instead of doing a victory lap around the studio and high-fiveing everyone, I kept it to myself.
Because the Adult Beginner loves her some Big Fat Juicy secrets.
And because it might’ve been accidental.
Was wearing a really cute outfit: all black with an ice blue shrug, and had been watching clips on YouTube before class.
So I was Pumped!
If I can do it again, then it’s for real.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Don’t tell anyone, but-

  1. MKR says:

    And a single is by far harder than a fancy schmanz double or triple! Well done.

  2. Johanna says:

    Well done!
    It´s true what MKR said, one controlled single is harder to do than a jumpy or jerkey double. What always works is a deep, active plié and and getting up on your releve before you start the turn. Also, spot! Yeah, and keep those core muscles strong! Soon you will be doing clean doubles :)

      • Mia says:

        1. I love ballet shrugs. They hide my tattoos and are, just, well…let’s say visually appealing.
        2. One pirouette is MUCH harder that doing doubles, triples, etc. A lone piroutte requites incredible balance, core strength, and exceptional spotting skills. I can do five pirouttes en pointe easier than I can do a single. I can barely do just one at all in soft slippers. My feet are kinda lost without my Freed Ovations (Freed is my favorite if you ever get to that pointe class).
        3. It wasn’t an accident! You’ve been dedicated and honest and studying for a year now. That pirouette is YOURS my friend. Like it, love it— OWN IT. You own everything else! NO selling your badass short.

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  4. Jill Krenek says:

    Dear Adult Beginner-I, too, started my first ballet class at the ripe age of 34 yrs old. I am now 51 yrs old and just finished 4 performances of the Nutcracker-I danced the corps in Snow, Waltz of the Flowers, and did a Chinese Variation on pointe. I’ve actually been dancing the Nutcracker for a local performing company for the past 9 years. I never planned for this to happen-the 1st class was a dare-but like you I was instantly hooked. The sky is the limit!!!!

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