One Year In!

Adult Beginner: Hey! Guess what! I’ve been taking ballet for exactly one year! Have I changed?
Mr. Adult Beginner: Uh, sure. You’re more poised.
Both of us: Bwahahahaha! Hahahahaaa! Ha! Hahahhaaha! Hee! Hoooo! Ha ha. (wiping tears) Hee.
Mr. Adult Beginner: Well, your butt looks great.
My man knows just what to say.
Anyway, yeah, it’s been a year since I stumbled into my very first ballet class ever.
Let’s see what has changed, other than my great looking butt.
Shoulders and neck!
Aware of them all the freaking time!
The Adult Beginner walks down the street with a barely checked impulse to poke strangers between the shoulder blades and yell, “pull down, Fool!”
Check-in with my shoulders about a million times a day to see if they can relax down just a little bit more.
And a bunch of other body stuff: collar bones look nicer because shoulders aren’t pushed back all crazy-like. Don’t get those weird toe-cramps anymore, which makes me think my feet are stronger. Know how to warm up the feet and stretch them, so a long work-day of standing is not so painful.
Learned that I’m wasn’t as strong physically as I thought I was. Had figured that since I’m a runner, my calves and quads and my endurance would be plenty strong enough to get me through class, but really had to step it up, add some reléve and sprinting and stretch more than ever.
I think I may have gotten braver? It’s a postural thing? Sazerac got all philosophical one day in class and pointed out that posture is a metaphor for how one approaches the world: mine has always been weight back, retreating, but in order to balance I need to be weight forward, I need to approach the world, meet it head on, not hide. Turns out one of the lessons of ballet is that what you do with your body you do with your mind too.
So, that’s pretty awesome.
Speaking of awesome, this girl joined my class, probably in her mid-twenties, and it was her first class ever! Like, didn’t know any one in class, didn’t know the foot positions, arms, anything, but was totally game to try. We chatted after class, she asked if I’d been doing ballet for a long time, I said not at all, told her that just a year ago I knew not a damn thing except that I wanted to learn.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to One Year In!

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  2. Another big amazing thing: through ballet classes and through this blog I have met so many people who have not only been encouraging and inspiring, but also Incredibly Welcoming.
    There may be a bitchy ballerina or two out there, but I have not met them. So High-Five and Thank You to you, Gentle Reader, and to the entire ballet community.

  3. cmsnifer says:

    Congratulations on 1 year! Now go eat a freezer-burned cake or something . . .

  4. studiodcfa says:

    Just can’t get enough. Love the authenticity! Thanks and keep it up!

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  7. ariannnnna says:

    Congrats! I just strated ballet last month, It’s damn hard, but I hope I’ll achieve at least half of your progress in one year ((:

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