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Why, when I was your age

The other day before class we were all standing around at the barre, doing little ankle cirlces and calf-raises and complaining about how chilly it’s been outside lately and how cold we are. And Sminoff totally busted out the, “You … Continue reading

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Greek to me

Almost every class with Smirnoff includes “Pet-tea-pah number one and number two.” Took me a couple classes to make the connection that “Pet-tea-pah” equals “Petipa”, as in Marius Petipa, as in Major Choreographer of the 19th century. Swan Lake is … Continue reading

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Web comic with The Ballet Bag!

Hey guys, I did a comic strip in collaboration with The Ballet Bag. It’s about Odile and Odette, you know, from Swan Lake. Have a look. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Six Degrees of Who?!

We’ve been working on something at the barre that is meant to help develop an arc-ing quality to our grande jetés in the center. Smirnoff doesn’t want to see any flat grande jeté like all the young kids are doing … Continue reading

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The surprise hotness of The Turning Point

Watched The Turning Point yesterday. Had never seen it before. Could not keep my eyes off Anne Bancroft. The way those long slip-dresses just skimmed over her body. So sexy! Really. I mean, Baryshnikov was cute and all, but Anne … Continue reading

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Shout-out to my Home Fry, Maurice Sendak

Outside Over There. Do you guys know this book? Because it’s the best childrens’ book Evar. Hands down the Adult Beginner’s fave. Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, it is strange, hypnotizing, beautiful…I still pick it up and stare at … Continue reading

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