Frickin’ Flic-Flacs

We’ve started working on a turn called the Flic-Flac. It’s only called flic-flac in the Russian school of ballet, the French call it Petite Fouette.
The Russian way is correct. Just ask any Russian teacher.
Smirnoff says that his father was always hesitant to pronounce the word flic-flac, for fear of mangling the word with his accent and accidentally using bad language in front of the ladies.
Since Smirnoff can’t really demonstrate steps, being all ancient and stuff, he usually asks Kir or TripleGee to demonstrate new things. If they don’t know the step, which is rare, he gets someone from the class to stand in front of him at the portable barre, where he can push and shove them into the correct shapes.
This is not super-efficient and I can feel the class getting confused and frustrated until the flic-flac gets worked out.
And the turn is cool: it seems like it will go one way but then it goes the other, your foot whacks the floor to make a sound, the step follows the rhythm of the name (whack the floor on the flic, turn on the flac), I love it.
And I’m not any worse at this turn than I am at the pirouette, so, you know, it’s all good.
We’re also working on some of the traditional peasant dances, which I like for the sense of keeping historical stuff alive and because these dances are really simple and repetitive, aka, I can actually do them.
After class Kir is looking at her phone and giggling. TripleGee had sent her several texts, ending with, “…& I can’t believe we spent Thirty Minutes on stupid flic-flacs, which are not even very fun, even if we Ever figure them out, which I Doubt! And I hate that peasant stuff & now I have to leave class early to go to a wedding, today Sucks!”
So I came home and told Mr. Adult Beginner that apparently I like doing the stuff that no one else likes.
And he was like, “Weird that they have such an opinion! Isn’t that like saying, ‘he made us to Army style push ups but we want to do Marine-style push ups’?”

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Frickin’ Flic-Flacs

  1. Alli says:

    Lol! I actually don’t mind Flic-Flacs now that I know how to do them; you’re right, they look pretty darn cool, but what a pain in the keester to learn!

    Thought you’d get a kick out of this t-shirt:

  2. Practise finding ur balance and use your head to focus! 2 main things! Have fun dear!=>

  3. Nichelle says:

    This post just made me laugh. Flic-flac can be so frustrating to learn – it’s a crazy little step. For that reason and for my own amusement, I made a silly little shirt about it (yep, that’s it above – a pleasant surprise, Alli, that someone else got a kick out of it). This is truly the predominant expression while trying to figure out the flic-flac. I’m glad you found it fun and I’m really enjoying your posts, Adult Beginner. Thanks!

  4. That shirt is flic-flacin’ hot!

  5. Alli says:

    The maker of the Flic-Flac shirt! I *heart* that shirt, and I doubly heart that no one gets it besides ballet people… who all laugh their butts off at it :)

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