YouTube is for sick-os.

So I’ve just wasted an Entire Hour looking at ballet clips on YouTube. Specifically, clips of the home-made, demi-pointe/ calf strengthening/ feet/ arch warm-up variety.
And now I feel a little sick.
It’s just that they all seem, well, a little too intimate to be floating around out there for all the world to see.
I mean sure, you never see the demonstrators face, but you do see some teenage girl from the hip down, (I’m assuming the age based on the musical choices) and her family’s depressing linoleum kitchen floor and some kitchen cabinets, or a partly open closet door, or scuffed floorboards, a pile of junk mail and a bottle of muscle-pro-shake mix, the kitchen table, dust-bunnies, the VCR, dog bowl, a stairway cluttered with laundry, you know, just whatever crap was in whatever room the star of the clip plunked her recording device down in.
Add up all those domestic details and throw in some bare, under-age feet, and it just, like, makes me worry about who else is watching.
Not that a parent would be very successful at putting a stop to posting videos, I mean, trying to explain to your kid that posting a clip that shows her anonymous feet is showing way too much would surely be met with the worlds biggest eye rolling evarrrrrr. But still, hey parents, drive your kid to the studio so she can shoot her little movie, ok?
There was one where a girl did her pointe warm-up video in high-heels. At a viewer’s request. This is kinda creepy, right? I’m not just being weirdly maternal here?
Anyway, call me a voyeur, I totally couldn’t stop watching.
I watched about a million of them.
My favorite looked like it was filmed in a kidnapper’s basement: the camera rests on a concrete floor, in the background is a full trash bag, an old chest of drawers, and several long orange extension cords. I was totally yelling at the screen, “For petes sakes, girl! Stop doing those infernal tendus and get your ass out through the crawl-space window before your murderer comes downstairs with the rope! Hurry! There’s no time for those ronde des jambes! Just go!”
I don’t know, maybe I’ve been watching too much Law&Order SVU.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to YouTube is for sick-os.

  1. Heather says:

    YouTube Ballet videos are the black hole to my productivity.

    And I totally agree. One clip I saw had a comment “You have lovely feet, I’d like to suck each of your toes” Ew

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