Where do you stand?

The most prestigious spots in my ballet class are the two ends of the barre.
First we follow TripleGee, then we whirl around and follow Kir.
They’re both very precise, but coolest thing about getting to follow them is that they have a very specific and very individual sort of tone.
When following TripleGee, the barre exercises feel gentle, effortless, generous, kind.
Then a quick turn to the other side and suddenly Kir makes the exercise sharp, staccato, agressive, boom! pow!
The really Really cool thing is that TripleGee started taking ballet as an adult, so she’s totally inspiring to this Adult Beginner.
Kir was part of a hip-hop troupe, it’s so neat that you can almost see the pop and lock in her specificity.
I stand in the middle of the barre. That’s where Smirnoff told me to stand. It’s a good spot for me, I have a clear view of Kir and TripleGee, and it puts me right in front of Smirnoff so he can call out for me to hold my shoulders down over and over.
I figure I’ll stay there until he tells me to move.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Where do you stand?

  1. When I was dancing, I always took the place closest to the mirror (to see myself very clearly), parallel to it (so could see myself on both sides) and right smack in front of the instructor’s chair and music station (to be in quiet talking distance). That spot happened to be at one end of the portable barre in most studios. But I became so comfortable in that spot that now I don’t feel right in any other! It’s weird – I kind of wish I was comfortable in moving around. And not having a perfectly clear view of myself. There’s that narcissism you were talking about!

    • No, no, not narcissism! Proper use of a helpful tool! Someday I will use that tool correctly too.
      I wonder- When you are at the head of the barre does the knowledge that people might be following affect you in any way?

  2. Alli says:

    Ironic that you should mention this….
    Yesterday, in my ballet class, I had a 16 year old student usurp my place at the barre! I was using the barre to warm up, and when the teacher called us together to get things started, the new girl wedged herself in the tiny spot in front of me.
    Clearly I had not received the notification that no one else was supposed to stand at that place at the barre!
    The best part of this situation is that I’m 30. I’m taking an advanced class because I’ve been dancing since I was 6… she’s too new to know that I’m nowhere near her age and I simply don’t care for her childish games.
    I simply found another place to dance :)

    Its a dog eat dog world at the barre, you gotta watch out for yourself, lol.

    • Oh gosh, I’ve probably done that once or twice out of ignorance. So glad my classmates simply found another place as you did, knowing that I would eventually get a clue.

      • Alli says:

        LOL! Oh, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about the situation if it had been as you described, but the person in my class gave me a bit of a look when she sidled in place. She knew exactly what she was doing, ha ha.

  3. Really early on, like the first or second class I ever took (which was just last November) I stood at the end of the row, thinking I’d be safe at the back of the class. And then of course the music started over and everyone turned around and there I was at the head of the line thinking oh help!

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