Left or Right Side take your pick, but girl you got to make it quick

You know how most adults can’t tell their left from their right?
Like, in the car people say, “Turn this way!” and point instead of saying turn left?
And everybody says “your other left” all the time.
And it’s just accepted, right? Totally normal? Maybe even cute?
Not in ballet class, Fools!
In ballet, you damn well better know your left from your right. Teacher says go left, you better go left or you crash into everyone else in your class. There’s no hesitation, and no one will find it cute if they see you checking your hands to see which one makes the shape of a letter L.
It’s very adult somehow, like, yeah, I’m a grown-up, why don’t I have this whole left and right thing down?
One time in center portion I was demonstrating a port de bras, I think it was port de bras number two, and I was all thrilled with myself because I was remembering how to do it correctly and everyone was watching, and I was doing an awesome job, and Smirnoff called out, “your right! My Dear, your right!” so I stretched further and he called out, “to your right,” so I went more emphatically that way and he called out, “Right!” and I almost fell over sideways trying to go more right when he called out, “My Dear, that is the most Left-est right I have ever seen!”


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Left or Right Side take your pick, but girl you got to make it quick

  1. Haha, so true.. Teacher say: go left, someone go right, crash! What, you stupid or something?
    “the most leftest right I’ve ever seen”, I’ll remember that one! :)
    I like your blog, it’s fun! Keep your voice, it’s amazing! H

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