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Further evidence that I have done did lost my mind

Check out this crazy ass leotard I just made.

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Dude, can’t I just wear my own belt?

Two dudes I overheard in a campus bookstore: “Hey Bro, did you get all that stuff we’re supposed to get for ballet class yet?” “Yeah. Except the belt. Can’t I just wear my own belt? I don’t get it, those … Continue reading

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Those fifteen little words you never want to hear

Ok. So there we are, doing the center work part of class. There’s a pause between exercises, and Smirnoff uses this moment to look over at me and say, “Do you know why your pirouettes are not working?” I say … Continue reading

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Left or Right Side take your pick, but girl you got to make it quick

You know how most adults can’t tell their left from their right? Like, in the car people say, “Turn this way!” and point instead of saying turn left? And everybody says “your other left” all the time. And it’s just … Continue reading

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Legwarmers confuse me

I mean, are you guys chilly? ‘Cause, it’s like, ninety degrees outside. I’m just saying.

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Monk v. Ballerina

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Sashay, chainés-nés

Chainés look so easy! Like, you just hold your legs straight like a pair of chopsticks and turn turn turn. Why are they so impossible?!?!?!!! Gah!!!!!!

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