Adult Beginners Everywhere!

Location: work
Time: mid afternoon
Information gathered-
Exhibit A:
My bald male coleague. Has a lean build, like maybe he was a sprinter in his younger days. Pipes about how he took no dance as a child but then out of nowhere took ballet in college, even took pointe. I immediately leapt on him with questions like, “you took Pointe?! Omg, what-was-it-like-was-it Magical????!???” to which he replied, “No! It was just Pain! It fucking Hurt!” But, after I wore him down with pestery questions and starry eyes, he did admit that it was pretty cool. And that he had been really good at the barre stretches. And that he’d kind of misses it.
Exhibit B:
My 60plus year old female coleague. Who always wears skirts and is very poised. She just looks like someone who had ballet as part of a proper young-ladies upbringing. Along with, like, dictaphone and how to press a mans shirt. She joins in with a story about how she never took ballet as a child either, but years ago took an adult class. Her one memory from those classes was that her teacher had a record of piano music for class, and whenever she wanted the class to repeat an exercise she would put her finger down on the record and drag it back, rather than lifting the needle. And then be confused about why she was always having to buy new records all the time.
In the room in which this information was gathered, three out of six people were adult beginners. Does this statistic hold true for the general population? To be considered further next time The Adult Beginner finds herself in a long latté line.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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