For the, um, lesser endowed?

Ok, I’m looking for a judgement call here.
Arch pads. That go on top of your foot. To make your arches look more, uh, stacked and bodacious.
Is this lying?
Or is it a smart way to get the panel hot for you at an audition? A smart use of ones Feminine Wiles?
On the one hand it seems just as duplicitous as padding a bra; it gives a false idea of the body and what it’s capable of? But on the other hand, if it gets a person thru an audition process, gives them the chance to show their stuff instead of being cut right away for having, uh, A-cup feet, is that good?
What do you guys think?


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to For the, um, lesser endowed?

  1. Ah, the falsies – don’t do it, adultbeginner! I have been planning to write a post on these in the upcoming future and thought strongly about including them in my recent post, “10 Pointe Shoe Don’ts”.

    First things first: You are a beautiful dancer just the way you are. If you insist on disagreeing, however, I’ll tell you that my chief objection to arch pads as a teacher is that that the dancer needs to work with what she has and not rely on the crutch of an apparatus like this. (For me, this extends to using cover-ups and warm-ups as crutches as well.) Aside from that, these items do not create the high-arch of a “well-endowed” dancer, as you call it, but instead create a sort of a hump-backed look on the foot. The line is nowhere near natural and classically pleasing. I can almost always tell when the odd professional is wearing one on stage. (I think Dvorovenko may have at one time.)

    Take a hard look at the shoe in your above picture for example. This creates a very ugly line to any trained eye (so there goes your audition hope), and I would argue to many untrained eyes. Compare it to a picture of Allessandra Ferri, Paloma Herrera or another dancer with naturally high arches if you don’t see it yet. It look downright cartoonish on some feet.

    While some dancers are born with a facility that lends itself more easily than others to ballet and creation of the classical line, fakery and contraptions like the arch enhancer (and even more subtle ones like the ProArch) are not the solution – good, proper technical work (especially those battements!) under a qualified teacher is! :)

    • Ha! No worries about me trying them, I need all the corrections I can get, I’m definitely not interest in faking out my teacher. And I’m not even en pointe.
      Plus I would think that just like padding a bra there would be the worry in the back of your head that someone would find out, and you’d be Busted.
      I was just so amazed that such a product exists!
      And curious about how they’re accepted in the dance community, and I’m glad you’ve confirmed that the answer is they aren’t.

      • miffy13 says:

        I too think they are an abomination. They make feet look lumpy and awful, which in my opinion, is never a good look!

        I think great musicality is what makes an wonderful dancer so I’m sticking with keeping that at the top of my list :)

        Great blog btw!
        Dancing Nurse

  2. Thanks Dancing Nurse!

  3. ok, I just have to disagree!
    If done correctly (with taste!), I think arch pads can make a lot of difference. Some ballerinas have great technique and dances beautifully, just they aren’t born with the grace of Zakharova “down there” (no, not there, even further down!)
    Use with caution, though! It’s like a bra – a hint of push-ups can make him go mad. Too much push-ups, and it reminds him of the military! :)

  4. Mia says:

    I tried them. My arch looked exactly the same (maybe slightly better) and my feet hurt more than normal after class. I kinda think they’re pointless and agree, work with (insert your god/deity/cult leader here) gave ya.

  5. Mike says:

    Agree. Daughter was told to use them for auditions. She hated them, decided her attack and other abilities will have to override any requirements for banana feet.

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