Pas-de-where’s my dinner?!

We’re doing jetés at the barre, and Lillet asks Smirnoff, “Um, what’s the Deal with jetés, anyways?”
“Like, how can this jeté be the same as that other jeté?” She says, while doing a straight-legged kick, and then doing a leap.
He says,
“My Dear, what we do at the barre is a battemont jeté. The working leg moves out Fast from the standing leg. Shoooom! Like a Jet. You understand? The other jeté is a paaaaah de jeté. Pas, for step. Battemont is a beat, Pas is a step. We do pas de whatever-you-like at the center, battemonts we do at the barre. Remember, my dear, there are five kinds of jumps that we do in the center.”
(At this point all of us look at each other with question marks floating over our heads. This is definitely the first I’ve heard of there being five and only five jumps.)
He explains:
“The five jumps: Kir, demonstrate please!”
“There is jump from one foot land on same foot. This is Eléve. Full name is pas de elevé.”
“There is from one foot land on both feet. This is Assemblé. You assemble the feet. Collect them together.”
“There is jump from both feet land on one foot. This is Sissóne. Like a scissor, you see, landing with the blades open. Then you tendu to close.”
“Then pas de Jeté, jump from one foot, land on the other. You see?”
“And the last is the Sauté. From both feet to both feet. Ladies, you know sauté. It is just as when you cook. Yes? The food jumps up from the pan? Surely, ladies, you Must know this.”
(we all look away sheepishly)
(and then we all clap for Kir for demonstrating)

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Pas-de-where’s my dinner?!

  1. Nikki says:

    Ummm… That’s a great explanation *takes notes* need an awesome old commie for a teacher 8O

  2. Alexandra says:

    Every time I do a sauté, I picture little mushrooms jumping around in the pan. Love your blog!

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