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Adult Beginners Everywhere!

Location: work Time: mid afternoon Information gathered- Exhibit A: My bald male coleague. Has a lean build, like maybe he was a sprinter in his younger days. Pipes about how he took no dance as a child but then out … Continue reading

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What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Same thing a ballerina wears under her tights. Nada. Zilch. Zip-o. First time I encountered this fun fact was in a fitting room during college. I was the one standing with a measuring tape looped around my neck, holding out … Continue reading

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For the, um, lesser endowed?

Ok, I’m looking for a judgement call here. Arch pads. That go on top of your foot. To make your arches look more, uh, stacked and bodacious. Is this lying? Or is it a smart way to get the panel … Continue reading

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Thankyou, Ballerina Project, for Blowing My Mind.

The Ballerina Project. Sooooooo georgous. Kinda makes my heart ache, you guys. But you might wanna sit down first because your socks will totally be Knocked Off.

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What is your perfect class?

The other day before class, Smirnoff said, “so, my Dear. You have told me what you did not like about your classes in New York, but I have not heard what you did like. What did they do differently that … Continue reading

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Je suis un Grande Canard

Learning ballet, man. Phew. It’s like learning a language. And by ‘it’s like’, I mean, you know, ‘it is’. I never took French in school, so not only does my body not know what to do, my mind has to … Continue reading

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Houston, come in. Do you read me?

So I’m poking around the interwebs and find a great quote on Northern Dancer’s blog, The quote was about weight and ballet; basically: If you gain one pound, you will see it in class. If you gain two pounds, your … Continue reading

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