Big Foot

So, I had my week of daily ballet classes in NYC, which gave me tendonitis.
I mean, to be fair it was the walking all the hell over the city Plus the ballet classes that gave me tendonitis, but whatev’s.
Point is, that was a real bummer because I was all like, “I can do it!”, but my foot was like, “nope.”
So then I flew back home and had a week of recovery, during which I would come home from work every day, make something for dinner that required zero standing at the stove or counter, and spend the evening with my foot up sporting a jaunty bag of ice. Mr. Adult Beginner was not home to dote on me, so I was all on my own you guys.
I know. I appreciate your sympathies.
Now is this week, and I haven’t been back to ballet class. Partly because I’m reporting to you live, Gentle Reader, from a whole ‘nother state (work trip), but mainly because my foot is still not 100%. Then damned thing is still sore across the top at the end of a long day.
Really annoying.
Most of the advice I’ve read online says that the in-class exercises are all you need to strengthen your feet. There’s not much advice on recovery stretches or exercises, or what to do if you’re hesitant to go back to class for fear of re-injury when you know you have to stand a lot at work the next day.
And anyway, when did exercise turn into repetitive motion?
Don’t say “when you crossed thirty”, ’cause I’m not hearing it.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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