My favorite teacher was the meanest one

I only had two classes with Highball at the Broadway Dance Center, but he was hilariously mean and therefore pretty much had me at hello.
Except of course it wasn’t hello, it was more like a disgusted grunt.
Here are two really awesome mean things he said to other people:
To a girl during center,
“You there! Yes you! Are you from Tennesee?” (girl looks confused and says, um no.?) “Well, you are a really good Square-Dancer.”
Ohhhhhh Burn!
Next class, during barre:
“What is your name?” (girl says, “um, Stephanie?”) “Stephanie. If you do this exercise incorrectly again, I will make the whole class do the whole series again. And I want everyone to know your name.”
Oh Burrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
And then she did it wrong of course, and we all did the thing again, which I didn’t even mind because see previous: Giant Ballet Nerd.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to My favorite teacher was the meanest one

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  2. yorksranter says:

    True story from Cunningham class the week before last. We’re just getting into the stretches and I’m in a high relévé when I hear…someone knocking at the studio door behind me. We finish the exercise. Still knocking. “Lisa,” I say, “there’s someone knocking at the door”.

    She listens. “Yes, yes, there seems to be, doesn’t there?”

    We move on to the next exercise. The knocking dies out; I think whoever it was heard the whole exchange. Point taken: don’t be late.

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