Kinda lost in Translation

Um, ok,
Was in class the other day, taught by Saketini. Who has a Very Heavy accent.
Yup. Asian accent, teaching ballet.
Do you see where this is going?
Ok I’ll lay it out: She did not pronounce L sounds.
So, she asked if anyone in class was new to baw-ray. And then we worked on our eravation. And later we did grissades. And finished up with a leverance.
Best of all were the pliés, oh how she battled with that L. It was a three syllable word by the time she wrestled it out. Sounded kinda like Pooo-deee-ay. Like, we were finished pliéing at the same time she finished saying the word.
I’m so glad this was not my first class, I would have been so confused.
But even with the language issue, (and by language issue, I mean my problem of being a totally immature and not very adult Adult Beginner) she was great. Full of helpful imagery, like when we did that hip opener where you stand in fifth and then bring your working foot to point at your knee, which is called passé, so your knee is pointing away from your body, and then you bring your knee toward the other side and then back out, she would call out, “Doan be sexyyyy!” And it is a sexy move, one of the very few sexy moves in ballet. So I asked how? And she explained, “Doan move shoulders, shoulders veryyy sexy.” Oh! She’s so right!
And when we did a center exercise that involved standing in a wide fourth position, then folding forward over the leg and continuing the movement to the side and back, making a big circle with our upper bodies, she was upset that we were curling over the leg at the start instead of keeping a flat back. So she said, “Take fourth position, aaaaand Puke!” and then demonstrated with the body jutting forward very straight, and then going around. Totally gross, totally accurate. All of us did a better job after that.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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