What is your indulgence?

As I’m riding my bike home from class the other day I go by the subway station right when a crowd of people are coming up the escalator and spilling out across the courtyard. And I notice that all of the ladies are visibly overweight.
They’re young, they have their hair did, they’re wearing cute shoes, they look like they take care to look their best, except for a certain stuffed-into-their-jeans look they all share.
Yeah, that’s a terrible thing to say.
But this is a blog; the Adult Beginner can get all judge-ey if she wanna.
Anyway, the point is not my bike-riding feelings of superiority, the point is that this visual display made me wonder, all of a sudden, how do these women indulge? What do these ladies treat themselves to?
Because ballet is a Massive indulgence for me. It doesn’t help me earn money, I will never use the things I’m learning directly in a professional setting, and furthermore every time I show up for class I’m asking my teacher, who has years and years of real professional dance experience, to indulge me in my pointless ballet whim.
Ballet class is hugely rewarding in ways that appear frivolous when you consider that I’m handing over forty bucks a week to learn an unnecessary skill.
But it is hugely rewarding.
It’s indulgent and luxurious and fills me with bliss!
Sounds like I’m describing chocolate, right?
I remember training myself out of food rewards in college. For example: I did well on the test, I deserve an ice cream treat! No! How about a magazine instead? Or you could do some fun window-shopping and save money, since you’re in college and all! And here’s a nice pat-on-the-back!
Was difficult, but then I met a girl who was waging an epic battle against the Freshman Twenty she had put on with a daily Ben and Jerry’s reward. She was, like, running marathons to burn it off, which turned out to be a heartbreakingly inefficient weight loss tool.
So anyway, how do these ladies coming out of the subway indulge? Clothes? Books? Manicures? Mocha Frapaccinos? Dance classes?
I really want to know! But suspect it would go badly if I marched up and said, “Oi! Big Gals! What’s your pleasure?!”
And I have a feeling that for a whole lotta people, you just don’t spend money on things that you can’t hold, display, or eat.
Oh! There’s the judge-ey-ness again!
So, Gentle Readers, what is your indulgence?

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to What is your indulgence?

  1. marcyhope says:

    my indulgence is my blondeness and the pointless collection of overpriced denim and multiple flip flops

  2. lnelson1 says:

    Defiantly have to agree that Ballet is my largest indulgence. I pay for class two-four times a week… after that… desserts… not eating them, but making orgasmic, life altering desserts for other people, I actually dislike most desserts, but I love to make them… go figure.

  3. Mike says:

    Tap class. I started at 46, I think. Always wanted to try, especially because it seemed so similar to drumming.

    Found your blog as one of the nominated top twenty and was suckered into reading from the beginning.

    • Sucker!
      Hee hee. Tap is awesome. Just watched Singing In The Rain again, this time lucky enough to see it in a theater, and, just, wow. Those moves! Almost hip-hop like in their bravado, but, you know, refined, without hip-hop’s aggression.
      Caught my quads activating in sympathy a couple times while watching from the comfort of my velvety theater chair.

  4. lis says:

    Welllll three years later i answer your question. I just started ballet again at 27 (just turned 28) and I feel like reading your blog is like reading my own story. I’m also the winner of the biggest thighs in class and the 9 year olds that pop in now and then put me to shame. But anyway. My indulgence is books! Reading lots of stories and getting sucked in to another world. My real job is lame-o boring so I love to indulge in any sort of get away – ballet, theater, reading, singing in my car like it’s a movie montage scene and i’m about to go do something great…anyway. Love your blog :) I’m slowly working my way chronologically through it, and it’s always good a smile.

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