kicking the old school jammy-jams boom-box style

Smirnoff has abandoned his system of hand-the-cd-to-his-assistant-to-put-in-the-cd-player-across-the-room-and-then-bicker-about-which-track-it-is in favor of the way radder stick-a-cassette-in-a-boom-box method.
Shall I repeat that?
Cassette. Boom Box. Cretaceous Era Ballet Teacher.
Hells yes.
And, the thing is, Boom Box Technology is just a tad beyond his skill set. He hasn’t got the hang of the pause button, and there was a whole discussion about how maybe he should just try flipping the tape over? just try? just in case? He was having none of it.
And it’s not just any old cassette. It’s a recording of his mother playing piano. Complete with Smirnoff teaching a class, counting, calling out, correcting.
There’s a little part where you can hear him instructing about pirouettes. He must be making some kid of demonstrative gesture, because you hear, “EeeeEeeeeEeeeeeeeeeee!”
That is the noise a pirouette makes.
My favorite is hearing him tell the class that, “that’s fine! that’s fine.”
Which he says to our class all the time. I found this phrase very encouraging and took it at face value when I first started but now realize that it can be more correctly translated as, “No gold star yet, but I can see that you’re working on it.”
On the tape he says, “that’s fine, that’s fine,” before the piano leads into the next group of barre exercises, which makes us giggle in class and turn to each other saying, “hey! We’re done! Nice work!”


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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