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What is your indulgence?

As I’m riding my bike home from class the other day I go by the subway station right when a crowd of people are coming up the escalator and spilling out across the courtyard. And I notice that all of … Continue reading

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Wrap That Ass

Check out the Mad Skillz of the Adult Beginner! Skillz! Of Madness! And Math! My ballet gear is all very very basic stuff. Two black leos, two black shorts, three pairs of pink tights, one pair of pink leather slippers. … Continue reading

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Pig Pen, The Ballet!!!0001!01!!!

Pig Pen The Ballet! And dancing the starring role……Moi! Get your tickets. Now! Before the dust settles!

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Julian, take off the red shoes

Couple days ago the Adult Beginner was on an airplane, watching The Red Shoes. Mr. Adult Beginner put it on my ipad for me because 1: he is a thoughtful husband and 2: me having it at my disposal means … Continue reading

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is That what you’re going to wear?!

This is how I dress for class. Like a big, big, Big ballet nerd. Look at this outfit! Disgraceful! So earnest! What am I, twelve?! Speaking of which, the only other person in class who wears pink tights is the … Continue reading

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kicking the old school jammy-jams boom-box style

Smirnoff has abandoned his system of hand-the-cd-to-his-assistant-to-put-in-the-cd-player-across-the-room-and-then-bicker-about-which-track-it-is in favor of the way radder stick-a-cassette-in-a-boom-box method. Shall I repeat that? Cassette. Boom Box. Cretaceous Era Ballet Teacher. Hells yes. And, the thing is, Boom Box Technology is just a tad beyond … Continue reading

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the Adult Beginner receives a complement

Recently I’ve arrived at the age of thirty-three. The Thirty-Three train has come around the bend. Woo woo! My birthday found me at the barre between Kir and Tequila. Smirnoff laughs and calls out that it’s too bad for me … Continue reading

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