Jeté means Leap Like A Crazy Person

Sometimes we do things in class that are just plain fun!
Not beautiful. Not graceful. Not poise-ful.
Just super fun!
Like, the other day was jetés across the room, from one foot to the other with no small steps between, just giant leap leap leap leap, with elbows pumping, big goofy grin, lots of loud foot-fall. The kind of thing you’d do as a kid.
Reminded me of this totally awesome game I made up at my friend’s house when we were kids. The game was called Jumping Practice.
I know, awesome name, right? I thought of that!
I would have been thrilled to play this game every single time I went to her house, because it was the best game ever, but she would sometimes put her foot down and insist on playing something lame like dolls or whatever.
Jumping Practice, should you wish to try it yourself, is played by running out to the creek, starting at the narrowest part, and leaping from bank to bank, working toward the widest part.
Jumping Practice always ended with one of us falling in.
And then we’d run yelling and muddy back to her mom for dry clothes and hot chocolate.
Best Game Evar!!!!!!!!!!!


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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