Sixth month check-up

It’s been six months since my first ever ballet class ever, in the world ever.
So, let’s see what has changed:


My shoulders file constant applications to take up residence in my ears. This has always been where they want to live, but now I notice and refuse them admission. Or evict them if they’ve snuck up in.
Eventually they might give up? Hopefully? Awareness is supposed to lead to change?

Feet have stopped being meat-rectangles that wear shoes. They have turned into these complex things full of bones and tendons and stuff.
It’s crazy!
I’ve heard that feet can become nearly as flexible as hands. This is great news for someone like me who has been known to, on occasion, snake out a foot and try to pinch my husband with my toes. Which he responds to by leaping out of his chair yelling, “Get away, Creepy Toes! No!”
It’s awesome. Looking forward to more of that.

The bod is a bit hotter. Although I’m still winning the Biggest Thighs In Class award, there are some nice muscles coming along, legs look leaner, abdominal muscles occasionally make an appearance depending on the light.

Learned that my knees hyper-extend. Who knew?

Posture is better, although I’m now I’m just confused. How have I been standing and and walking all this time? Like, why doesn’t everyone fall over a whole lot more often? Balance is hard! Even on two feet! Also starting to notice where my weight is in everyday life, like am I leaning into one knee? Am I standing back in the heels? Is my pelvis tilted forward?
(generally yes, yes, yes)

Center portion of class doesn’t terrify me anymore.
My first class, when the teacher had us put away the bars I wondered if we were about to do floor stretches? Or sit-ups? And when it turned out that we were going to, like, dance across the room, and that I would have to take a turn and dance by myself, with everyone watching, and I’d be all alone!!! wow, I was totally filled with horror.
But it’s cool to see how the class format is really specifically geared toward performance, and I like that even non-performing goggly blob-monsters are expected to do it.
It’s pretty great, actually, to have a twice weekly Bravery Practice.

Still can’t remember any series of steps longer about two, and there’s a whole lotta French I can’t translate into anything resembling ballet.
Assemblé, for example. I mean, assemble what exactly? My feet? They came fully assembled, thank you very much.

The craziest change of all happened earlier this week: I was no longer the least experienced person in class! There were new girls! One of them actually thanked me after class for being such a good person to follow!
I know, right?!

Hope I didn’t lead her too far astray.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Sixth month check-up

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  2. Love this. I remember that same feeling of dread in my first class when I realized we’d be going across the floor. Not to mention my first time across was with a more advanced student wearing pointe shoes who did the step in double time, which in turn made me panic and do it double time as well (horribly, I’m sure).

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