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Pirouettes of Doom!

Pirouettes are from the devil. For realz. Like, Ol’ Scratch was sitting around one day and turned to his demon entourage and said, “Jeez, stop twiddling your pitchforks and do something! What am I paying you for anyway? Your good … Continue reading

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Jeté means Leap Like A Crazy Person

Sometimes we do things in class that are just plain fun! Not beautiful. Not graceful. Not poise-ful. Just super fun! Like, the other day was jetés across the room, from one foot to the other with no small steps between, … Continue reading

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Book Report

You guys are probably wondering, “How did the Adult Beginner get so awesome?” Right? It’s ok, lots of people wonder that. Well my friend, the secret is Books! Lots of em! It’s like the Violent Femmes say, “read read read … Continue reading

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Measuring Up

Picked up a book at my local used book store the other day, called Classical Ballet Technique by Gretchen Ward Warren. It’s a sort of a photographic encyclopedia of every ballet step and position there is, all in black and … Continue reading

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Follow Suit

Hard class today. Still working on holding the chin up, which is connected to keeping a long neck and holding the shoulders down. All things that I’ve spent thirty-two years doing all crazy-like. All wicky-wacky. All…just..messed up and wrong. Now, … Continue reading

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Dirty dirty slippers

These are my shoes. See how dirty they are? Dirty. After class, while we’re all converting our full-foot tights into leggings and stepping into skirts, I ask the girls if I can clean my shoes? Like with a sponge maybe? … Continue reading

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Just call me Stretch

So, there’s this side stretch. You’re standing facing the barre, holding the barre with both hands, and you put your right leg up on the barre, and then reach up and over with your left arm toward your right leg … Continue reading

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