The man knows his stuff

My sister gave me a t-shirt.
Nice soft cotton, pretty magenta color.
With a screen print of a lady licking a Popsicle.
Sounds innocent enough, but believe me, this is the porniest t-shirt I own. It puts all my other plain t-shirts that don’t feature private acts of love between ladies and frozen desserts to shame.
I have zero idea why anyone would give me this shirt.
I don’t even know how me and this shirt ended up in the same sentence.
Just writing about this shirt is making me blush.
In fact, I suspect she gave it to me mainly for the hilarity of watching me try to muster up a convincing Thank You.
But anyway, like I said, I really do like the color and it has a nice hand, so I turn it inside out and wear it over my leotard to class.
Smirnoff calls me over before class starts.
“My Dear,” he says, “you are going to be drunk today!”
I’m baffled.
How does he know?
Was he invited to the bachelorette party too?
He explains, “Your shirt! In Russia, when a person wakes up and puts their shirt on inside out, we say that person is going to be drunk before the day is over!”
And he was right.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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