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The man knows his stuff

My sister gave me a t-shirt. Nice soft cotton, pretty magenta color. With a screen print of a lady licking a Popsicle. Sounds innocent enough, but believe me, this is the porniest t-shirt I own. It puts all my other … Continue reading

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Pink tights are pink.

So, the pink tights! They’re pretty good! Sort of like being bare-legged, but more pink! They sure do get dirty though. Dang. Little black smudges all the way from the ankle to the knee. Maybe I just need to get … Continue reading

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drop and gimme twenty

Just finished class, and am reminding myself that’s it’s been less than six months since my very first ballet class ever, in the world, ever, and I shouldn’t be discouraged. It’s just that I want to be the best in … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner goes Full Leotard

Gentle Readers, brace yourselves. I have gone full leotard. What possessed me? Well, it’s all this book reading I’ve been doing. Darn books. All full of comments about how much easier it is for a teacher to correct your form … Continue reading

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