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“A” for effort?

Was there ever a sadder name for a ballet position than “B plus”? Forever just shy of an “A”. Never quite good enough. Poor B plus.

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Book Learnin’

Here I am in a City That Starts With B. It’s more of a yoga town than a ballet town, but I’ve found a drop-in adult beginner ballet class. This class considers a twelve year old beginner to be equal … Continue reading

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biscuit hooks

ok. So I have to work on my hands. Got to class today and told Smirnoff that I’ll be leaving town. I’ll be in [city starting with the letter B] for a few weeks, but right back to class after … Continue reading

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Polka like ya mean it

Picked up a book at a yard sale for 25cents, entitled Bronislava Nijinska, Early Memoirs (translated and edited by Irina Nijinska and Jean Rawlinson, 1981 Faber&Faber) Bronislava was the younger sister of Vaslov. You know, Vaslov Nijinsky. The Nijinsky. You … Continue reading

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Tendu a lá seconde advancing and retreating

Me: Doing a thing. Trying to do a really good job because- Sazerac: watching like a hawk because- Everyone else: Absent Sazerac: You’re blinking too much. Me: I’m, um, what? Sazerac: You’re blinking too much. Your head is meant to … Continue reading

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One two and three four and

In Smirnoff’s class we do the barré work while he counts, and we do the center work to recorded music. The counting sometimes starts with, “eeeeeyah,” as in,”eeeeeeyah, three four, eeeeeeyah three four”, while the recorded music involves handing a … Continue reading

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Oh Bwunhilda, how I wove you

Just watched Warner Bros. totally awesome classic, What’s Opera Doc? B. Bunny and E. Fudd were doing some ballet moves that I sort of recognized! Aw yeah!

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