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Adult Beginner Does Not Cry In Class

After what is becoming the typical class/no class dance with Sazerac, (me waving my hand and shouting, “oh! me! memememememeee! I want class!” and then no one else responds and class is cancelled), I looked through my list of local … Continue reading

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A former student gave Smirnoff a gift: some crackers and fruit, and some wodka. Wodka! Which reminds me of a the time my husband and I were hiking, and we met an Australian on the trail who had lost his … Continue reading

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Pass the cat

Sazerac is back in town, and sent out a text asking who would like to come to class, and I was all like, “me! me! oh! memememe me!” But no one else responded, so class was cancelled, and I was … Continue reading

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Vaganova, bitches!

So my regular teacher, Sazerac  got a gig in another state and left for a couple weeks. I guess she’s, like, too busy pursuing her lifelong dream of dancing professionally to teach me how to plié. What ev’s! She encouraged … Continue reading

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Pardon my French

The only French I know is fashion French, and even that did not come easy. For example, please enjoy this re-creation of a phone call I received from my best friend sometime during freshman year of college: her: I have … Continue reading

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Are you going to go on pointe?

“Are you going to go on pointe?” is the question I get asked all the freaking time when I tell people I’ve just started taking ballet. It’s not just a really stupid question, it’s also mean, and generally I think … Continue reading

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