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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! JK, it’s totally June.

We do these back bends sometimes, Where we face the barre and hold it with both hands, elbows bent at our sides, and then go back back back until our arms are pulled straight and we can maybe catch a … Continue reading

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Make friends at the barre.

Someone in my ballet class is smelly. Pretty sure I know who it is. It’s not me, but there’s always a moment of horror where I freak out and worry that my hippie deodorant has failed and maybe this time … Continue reading

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Hey Baby, those legs go all the way?

That come-on has always cracked me up, because how is that conversation supposed to continue? She says “uh, yes? Obviously?” and then Mr. LoveMan-the-pick-up-machine says, “oh, ok well that’s good.” And then she walks away and he is alone. Right? … Continue reading

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That portable barre outsmarts me every time.

Class was a little fuller than usual the other day, and I got there a little later than usual, so instead of my usual spot I had to pull out the rickety portable barre. Which is rickety. It’s kind of … Continue reading

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Brisé. A good name for a girl if she’s a film noire heroine.

We started working on brisé the other day, And I was going to suggest that Brisé would make a very pretty name for a girl and since the Adult Beginner is happy with the one baby and not having more … Continue reading

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Working on Balance

Been thinking about balance, Partly because I was at the gym doing the other day, doing Pilates and the Pilates teacher always has, like, a namasté moment at the end of class where we sit cross legged on our mats … Continue reading

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Tiny ballerina has been there the whole time.

Been draping my warm-ups over this barre-bracket forevers. Never noticed the little ballerina.

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