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Gwenyth asks Adult Beginner a thing or two.

Have you ever wanted to just grab the Adult Beginner’s full attention for a minute and say “Girl. Whut???” Gwenyth did! You know Gwenyth brand, of the beautiful barre wear and this yummy unboxing moment? Quick but Hard-Hitting interview right … Continue reading

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Man Up.

Got an email from a dude the other day, A hardcore airborne soldier type dude. A dude who has jumped out of more than one airplane, On Purpose, guns a-blazing, with a knife gripped in his teeth and a Don’t … Continue reading

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A guest post by Maria of Thirty-six Views, on starting ballet in Japan

Gentle Reader! I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from Maria of Thirty-six Views, who didn’t speak Japanese *or* ballet when she took her first ever ballet class in Japan. Check out the photo at the end too, it … Continue reading

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I see you baby, shaking that ass

WordPress sent me an email recently, saying Congratulations On Four Years Of Total Blognation. Ok they didn’t word it exactly like that but they did say congratulations. Four years! Maybe you’re looking over at the archives right now and thinking, … Continue reading

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I like canvas for summer

The Capezio Pro Canvas split sole. Pretty. Insole bunches up under toes though. Just have to remember to take them off and smooth the insole out before barre starts or else I’m all princess-and-the-pea, my-pirouettes-don’t-work-because-my-shoes time.

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Take It Outside

A while back, Mr. Adult Beginner and I were at one of those big prop warehouse sales, where tv studios sell off old props and set dec and furniture and whatever they don’t want to hang onto anymore, And outside … Continue reading

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The Rhonda Jamb Review of Ballet (Beg/Int) at The Sweat Spot

Review By: Rhonda Jamb Class Is Called: Ballet (Beg/Int) Where: The Sweat Spot, Silver Lake Website: thesweatspotla.com How It Is: Hi y’alls, Rhonda Jamb here again with more class reviews, this one not as glowing as my last. Key-wise, this … Continue reading

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The Adult Beginner Review of Beginner/Intermediate Ballet at Millennium Dance Complex

Review By: Adult Beginner Class Is Called Beginner/Intermediate Ballet Where Millennium Dance Complex, North Hollywood Website millenniumdancecomplex.com How It Is looking at Rhonda Jamb’s key here, I’d say this class, if you do the entire class, is an AB or … Continue reading

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Just another awkward conversation in ballet class

Smirnoff brought in a couple books for me to borrow, because he knows what a big book-nerd I am, and along with the books he also lent me this yellowed, folded newspaper article, which he handed to me saying, “This, … Continue reading

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Pattern-making Know-it-all versus Silly Stretch Lace Dress.

Saw this silly little dress the other day, Sheer stretch lace, tank style bodice, handkerchief-hem skirt. “ooh, fun for ballet class over a leotard and tights!” Right? Pulled it off the rack, held the hanger up to my shoulders, turned … Continue reading

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