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Sock Tutorial—Extremely Difficult—Unless You Have A BFA In Costume Tech This Tutorial Might Explode Your Brain

1. Get that pair of tights with the run in them. You know the pair I’m talking about. 2. Cut them. Use scissors, not your teeth. 3. Put them in your pointe bag. 4. Wear when you are getting all … Continue reading

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Little Wooden Mannequin Project #9

I love fishnets. Little Wooden Mannequin Project is: my little boy plays with this mannequin and leaves it on the floor in some tortured pose, which I draw.

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Breaking the law, breaking the law

My teacher doesn’t believe in breaking in pointes. He says it’ll happen naturally as you work in the shoe. I have come to the conclusion that he is crazy. So I got out the camera and the internet. To the … Continue reading

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Tippy toes

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Hey Adult Beginner, sew anything lately?

Yes I have, super thanks for asking! This, for a friend: Baby quilts are very satisfying to me in that they involve playing with color la la la, not the minutia of fit. The Adult Beginner has made approximately one … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner stares into the abyss.

A few months ago I organized my big box of letters. Gentle Reader, do you have one of these somewhere, stored in your parents’ house or up on a shelf in your garage? Every letter from everyone ever? Mine is … Continue reading

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Awkward like a Fox

Talking to a friend the other day, She was like, “I send people to your blog sometimes.” I was like, “Yeah?” She was like, “Yeah. Whenever people start going on about how they’re Too Old to, I don’t know, like, … Continue reading

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