Does your face hurt? ‘Cause it’s killing me

Got my wisdom teeth out.
Sucks for me but totally irrelevant to the blog-
Texting my husband about how oh btw no ballet class,
And he was like “What? Why? Oh right, you probably don’t want to jump right now.”
And I was like, “Or turn. Or spin. Or bend forward. Or backward. Or move fast. Or slow. In any direction.”
Had been cursing Past Self for not taking care of this during, like, summer break sometime when I could have laid around moaning and being cared for by my parents, but then thought about it and realized how Totally Annoying that would’ve been. I mean, at least now I like being holed-up in my own home. Back then it would’ve like to kilt me omg.

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Little Wooden Mannequin Project #5, with gloves on

The boy put the mannequin in a strange pose, defying both gravity and anatomy, and so I cheated it, and it came out looking slightly Disney. Weird. Way more of a Pixar fan, myself.
Little Wooden Mannequin Project is: the boy drops the mannequin, I draw it how I find it.

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Remember now, what do we do with scraps of leftover pointe ribbon?

Throw them away.
Unless you have a tiny dog needing a steady supply of hair-bows, don’t keep these fiddly bits. They’ll take over your world.

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What’s in my pointe bag, besides the pointes


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Fixed Pointes

You know how you put on pointes by wrapping the ribbons around the ankle and tying a square knot, not in back or in front but at the inner side-back-ish area, right between the Achilles’ tendon and the ankle, so the knot can’t press on either?
First time I sewed my ribbons, I cut and melted them to the exact same length. Which meant once properly wrapped and knotted in the exact right spot, I was left with one nice short tail and one long obnoxious tail to tuck under and deal with and it annoyed me every time and I kept thinking I SHOULD FIX THIS.
So I finally did.
Put the pointes on, wrapped and tied, cut the tails even and melted the edges. While wearing them. Kids, don’t do this at home, the Adult Beginner is an impatient bad-ass, what have you got to prove?
The result is they are uneven when off, but perfection when on.
Also added some elastic across the front.
I know, that sheer elastic stuff is better, but I have an attitude problem about buying elastic. Elastic is always just there in my life, I refuse to go seeking special elastic all special mission style.


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O pointy birds, o pointy pointy

Ok I’ve had two pointe classes now, so I hereby officially say that pointe is easier this time around than it was in 2011.
Wait, easier sounds wrong. Less unnatural? More…right?
Huh. I’m gonna go with easier.
Easier as in my feet feel like they fit better in the shoes, which are the same old Bloch’s as before, with the same padding, nothing new or different.
Better as in my feet don’t hurt until the end of class, and even then it’s a mild hurt, and it feels like the correct part of the shoe is contacting the correct part of the floor (heh, like the floor has a correct part), and I have room left over in my brain to think about how I’m standing, not just that I’m standing.
But easier makes no kinda sense! At all! It’s been three years of not doing pointe, how could I have gotten (even the tiniest bit) better at pointe?
Well, you know I love some theories, so I’ve been collecting theories in regards to this pointe-y weirdness, and here they are:
Theory A:
Maybe it’s possible to learn something not by studying or doing or even focusing on the specific thing, but just kinda having that thing in the back of the mind for a long long time. Not exactly thinking it over, but just touching on it occasionally until it is somehow fully incorporated.
Teachers, does that make any sense? Is that a thing? If so it’s probably the least expedient way to learn something Ever, as it basically means you learn accidentally and super slowly, whereas in every other learning situation one would set out with a time frame for mastering the thing.
But sometimes accidental learning means a certain level of competency is just, like, there when you out-of-the-blue get to take pointe again.
Theory B:
Last time I took pointe I had been taking ballet for not quite a year and a half. Now it’s been that same year and a half plus three years minus about ten months of baby time which equals a stronger, steadier, all-around more correctly-footed and better-postured Adult Beginner.
This is funny to me because when I take pointe, I see the improvements in regular class, like pretty much immediately, but it never occurred to me that it works the other way too, that taking regular class brings obvious improvements to pointe. I mean now that I see it, duh. (How’d you get so smart, Adult Beginner?)
Theory C:
Last time pointe class was an hour long and we started cold.
This time pointe is half an hour immediately following regular class. So, to say we begin pointe properly warmed-up is to put it politely while excluding words like dripping, sweat, and buckets. Plus pointe is shorter. Less time to become exhausted and blistery and fall out of form.
Theory D:
I’m starting at the beginning.
Last time I joined an ongoing class. A class that was doing things in center, and I was being encouraged to come out to center, and I did, but in the intervening years I’ve often thought that if I ever got to do pointe again, I’d like it it be with a teacher who let’s me stay on the barre for at least a class or two, dammit, and it turns out that that teacher is my teacher, I just had to catch him at the correct point of his teaching trajectory.
So those are my theories.
Or maybe it’s all due to
Theory E:
I’ve been wearing a skirt for pointe and skirts are MAGICAL.

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Little Wooden Mannequin Project #4, this time it’s a man

Why is he so sad?
Whose hand is he reaching for?
Where did his shirt go?

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