What one additional special thing should there be in The Stitch Kit?

Friend came to visit this summer, and brought me this sweet gift: the Stitch Kit made by Bunheads Dance Accessories.
I wasn’t taking pointe at that moment but she knew I’d totally enjoy this as a small thing filled with small things, and she was totes correct.
Something so delightful about little kits like this, funny little self-contained things full of things, with built-in features, like this kit has a little notch punched out of the lid that serves as a thread cutter so you don’t have to worry about scissors.
I unscrewed the lid and dumped it all out right away so we could admire all the exciting tools inside, which are:

Spool of strong shiny peach-colored waxed nylon thread
Two sewing needles
Little pamphlet with sewing instructions

We were delighted with all the little things and the pointe shoe photos in the little pamphlet, but both wanted there to be one more thing.
Not sure what.
One more special little luxury or witty little inside-joke-y dancer thing to balance it all out.
Like, one stick of gum. Except no gum in ballet class.
One bobby pin. Except one hair pin is useless plus not very special.
Maybe one bobby pin with a rhinestone. You know, for emergency sparkle situations.
One feather.
One pointe ribbon would take up too much space, same for elastic, it’s gotta be something small.
One miniature pixi stick.
One roll of Smarties.
One pre-loaded glitter eyeshadow brush.
One bandaid.
One packet of instant coffee.
One snake-on-a-spring to jump out and startle and delight other dancers when you lend it out.
One tiny tube of arnica gel.
One strip of beef jerky.
Three almonds in a plastic sleeve.
One miniature nail file.
One inspirational quote handwritten on rice paper.
One good luck charm on a safety pin to be pinned inside your leotard. Actually a safety pin would be a good idea.
One pair of stick-on earrings.
I could go on for days.

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More thoughts on quitting pointe

It’s fun to say I quit my pointe class, because it sounds all dramatic like I stopped mid-chainé and yelled EFF THIS and tore my tutu off and slammed it down on the studio owner’s desk and stomped out all defiant (and loud, because pointe shoes are loud),
but the whole truth of it is that while I was in the yucky process of admitting that this class wasn’t working for me, the class was totally loosing attendance and dwindling down and about to be cancelled anyway. Which I could totally feel happening around me. In fact I considered not leaving the class at all but just sticking with it until it’s bitter end just so I could feel all virtuous like I hadn’t given up, you know, like I wasn’t one of the ones who flaked, but that would be dumb and not honest.
What is honest:
Earlier this year when I was in a vague goal-making mood, I made a vague goal to work back up to pointe in a couple years, like add classes to my week so that I’d be up to the two to three classes per week they recommend for pointe,
You know, They,
Figured that would probably be a goal for maybe 2016. With a new teacher. Because as much as I love my teacher, his style is to sketch out the general gesture of a thing and then refine it, which works well enough for regular ballet class, but I knew, in the back of my head, in my vague goal-making planning sessions, that I hadn’t enjoyed that approach to pointe and I wanted to try it a different way next time.
But then this pointe class just happened, like bam out of nowhere, and I already had shoes and it was actually a time I could do on a day I could do, and, you know, it’s like when someone hands me a piece of cake, I’m not going to be all like, “Oh, no thanks, this isn’t the exactly perfect cake to fulfill all my super-specific cake needs, I’ll just wait a couple years until The Right Cake comes along, thanks though.”
No, I’m gonna shut up and think ‘Oh what a nice treat! How lucky I am!’ and take the pointe class. I mean cake. This is just a reality of taking ballet as an adult. Pointe for adults is rare, it might never be available again, eat it while you can.
Actually cake is a bad example because the Adult Beginner routinely turns down cake. Unless it’s an especially good looking cake or there are political ramifications to turning it down, I’d rather just not and have a mocha later. Or ice cream. Or a mocha ice cream. But I’m kind of whatever-y about cake. Remember back when you were a kid and all you wanted in life was the giant icing-rose from the corner piece of a big ol’ cheap grocery-store sheet-cake? God, those things loom mythological in my mind.
Some specific things about this pointe class:
1. Regular ballet class is an hour and a half and costs $20. Pointe was just a half hour but cost a whole ‘nother $20. That is a lot, even when you are working. I’m not working. When class starts late and that first plié slides to five past, ten past, fifteen past, more, and suddenly you realize you are paying $40 for a slim hour and a half total, you start to feel like some kind of chump. Or at least I did. I should note here that Mr. Adult Beginner is totally cool with me spending his money on ballet class as long as it makes me happy, but I wasn’t happy I was some kind of chump.
2. This class was started at the request of the students, with the condition that there must always be a specific number students or else the class would have to be cancelled. And everyone swore up and down that the core group would always attend, and anyone else was icing (giant sheet-cake-rose icing). Not me, I made it clear that I couldn’t commit because baby, so don’t count me in. I ended up being in. Last pointe class I took, I was one of two. Two! Down from ten at the first class! Not cool. Not cool for anyone.
Moral is: if you are starting a pointe class for adults, it can’t be drop-in. Make all them bitches pay for like two months up front. As a show of commitment, and to get everyone to actually look at their damn calendars and figure out if they can really be there or not.
3. This is kind of a weird one, but I gotta tell you Gentle Reader, I felt really apprehensive about even telling you about quitting pointe. I dreaded it.
I totally appreciate the advice and encouragement you’ve given while I was in the pointe class, and I appreciate that you understood when I left.
Thanks friend.

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From fear to acceptance in like two seconds. #Maturity #Whiplash

I was sitting on the floor in the hall of a new dance studio the other day, with, like, my world all spread out around me —shoes, warm-ups, bag, phone, other bag— wondering why I always show up for ballet class so stupid early, like before the teacher is even there early, why don’t I learn,
And I hear a voice and look up it’s this little girl, like maybe seven, all happy smiles and pink leotard, hand-in-hand with her mama, and this tiny kid is walking right toward the room where I’m about to take class,
And I totally ice-over and think “FUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!”
And think, “Oh help me it’s about to be one of those classes oh no not children this is the worst just kill me now,”
And then think, “Nah, you know what, it’s fine, totally fine, actually it’ll be really really interesting to see how a teacher works with adults and kids all together in the same class, this’ll probably be awesome,”
And then think, “wait, what? WHO EVEN ARE YOU ANYMORE, ADULT BEGINNER?!”
But then at the very last second she zigged left instead of zagging right and totally went off to a different class, so all that for nothing.

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It’s not you AB, it’s the non-disclosure.

Was walking with my sister the other day, pushing the boy in the jogging stroller,
—And feeling pleased that at least this time we hadn’t seen Other Jogging Mom, the one who I only ever see when she’s jogging her stroller but I’m just walking mine. Never mind that I might have just finished a super long run, Other Jogging Mom and I only cross paths when she’s jogging and I’m lazy. In fact, the other day it was like 100 degrees out and I was in my car and I saw her out jogging that jog stroller and I totally wanted to roll down my window and yell, “I’m driving to the gym!! To work out!! I’m not lazy!! Your Face!!!”
Actually Other Jogging Mom is really nice. We chat at crosswalks. I like her. But man, gets me so competitive!
Anyway not the point. Point is, the other day, strolling the jog stroller back from coffee, we walked past some kind of film shoot and I was like, “Ooh! I wonder what they’re filming?” and my sister was like, “I love how you always just bust up in there and ask,” and I was like ,”yeah and I love how they always tell me. You know they like never tell [Mr. Adult Beginner]? They totally say something lame like ‘it’s a Tv Show’ and he’s like ‘No duh, Power-Mad Clipboard-Wielding Nineteen-Year-Old, it’s obviously a tv show, but fine, don’t tell me, jeez.’ “
I think they just tell me because I’m all adorable pushing a stroller. Plus maybe it’s because I never ask the nineteen year old with the clipboard.
Didn’t find out what they were filming this time though because the shoot was on the other side of the street.
But reminded me of the other day after another not-awesome pointe class, I was sitting in the lobby all sad times, taking off my sad pointes, trying to decide if I need better shoes or a better attitude or what, and there was some kind of big audition going on in one of the other rooms, maybe something hip hop, and two of the auditioners were sitting on the other couch all slumped over not talking and staring at their phones, like they were maybe sad times too, and after a little while I asked, “What’s the audition for?”
And they both kinda looked over at me side-eye and said, “An artist.”
I kinda just said, “oh.” and then got my shoes on and walked out all Extra Sad Times thinking, “Oh Come On! An Artist? Really?!!! That hurts my feelings! I’m cool! I think? Ok Fine! Don’t tell me JEEZ. It’s obviously either a commercial or a tour anyway! I know stuff! Jeez!”
Didn’t occur to me until later that they’d probably both signed a million non-disclosure agreements, they probably really couldn’t tell me, like, legally. Like I was probably kind of putting them on the spot by even asking.
All I could think in that moment was that they looked over, saw that I was not cool, not a real dancer, plus too old and fat and what was I doing with those pointe shoes and what was my hair’s problem and nobody wears new balance anyway like ‘nice mom-shoes, lady,’ and just decided to shut me down.
Why am I so drama? I think pointe class makes me a little bit sad and insane.
Gentle Reader, I’ve quit pointe.
Gonna write Adult Beginner LOLZ in fancy script across the toes of my pointes and try again sometime in the future with new shoes and a different teacher.

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Pretty in pink. Isn’t she.

How about a bunch of pictures of meeeeeeeeee? Wearing the gwenythbrand Modern Classic tunic, in ballet pink?

Ruche those ruches, girrrrrl. Tie that bow. Wear those shorts.


Kind of a 70’s Portrait Of A Leotard feeling going on here. I like it. Let’s keep going…


Whoops, too sexy, AB, who you trying to fool?


That’s more like it. Such a pretty face.


Eames, you’re nothing but a photo prop to me. I stand on you. Eat my pointes.

Gentle Reader, you might remember I got to be a tester and feed-back giver for Gwenyth brand on the Modern Classic tunic, way back in the 1.0 kickstarter days?
The Modern Classic, which is a length-adjustable top, tunic, and dress all in one for Pilates, ballet, barre class, coffee dates, etc, based on vintage ballet rehearsal clothing, updated for the modern lady who likes things like stretchable fabric, and a bra?
Here’s a post showing the super satisfying unboxing experience, just if you’d like a reminder.
Gwenyth is now onto the 3.0 version of the Modern Classic tunic, new and improved with feedback from feedbackers.
For example Gentle Reader, if you get one, and you appreciate the strap across the back that attaches to the hidden internal bra and holds taut for added bust security, that was Totally My Feedback!!! You are totally welcome for that one!!!!!! It was my pleasure!!!!
I mean, I think that’s really cool, to see my own feedback implemented in a helpful way.
I mean.
The strap can be removed and used as a headband too, if you wanna. That part wasn’t my idea. But it should’ve been because it’s awesome.
How about one more picture? Ok fine.


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Three Pink Things

1. Pink cord on the handle of my
2. Pinking shears, on my
3. Modern Classic tunic by Gwenyth in ballet pink.
Yeah, pink cord on my pinking shears because PUNS ARE HILARIOUS.
For my fabric nerds: the Adult Beginner philosophy on pinking scissors is:
don’t bother with nice pinks, you’ll never actually get around to getting them professionally sharpened and once they’re dull, they are really really dull.
O, how they will chew up your fabric.
(I wasn’t originally planning on writing balls, but autocorrect filled it in and it’s got a certain truth)
Just buy some stupid Fiskar pinking shears and consider them disposable.
Don’t worry, I’m not using the scissors on the tunic. It’s Already Perfect.

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That’s not yours, Adult Beginner.

When you find a bobby pin around the house, pick it up and put it in your hair-do. When you find a bobby pin Anywhere Else, don’t.

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