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Man Up.

Got an email from a dude the other day, A hardcore airborne soldier type dude. A dude who has jumped out of more than one airplane, On Purpose, guns a-blazing, with a knife gripped in his teeth and a Don’t … Continue reading

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Plz help a reader with her Pirouette Problem!

Got this email from a reader. Let’s called her K-boom. K-boom needs pirouette help, you guys. K-boom says: “I’ve been taking classes seriously for 2 years, 2-3 times a week. I am the ONLY person in my class who cannot … Continue reading

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Well ok, here’s a ballet skirt tutorial

Some of you wanted more More MORE after that last post, so, what the heck, here’s a pretty simple way to make a ballet skirt using fabric from another garment, or new fabric. This is not how I made mine, … Continue reading

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Donde esta lé tendu?

This question came in from a reader the other day, and I thought it was pretty hilarious, and I have a little idea about what the answer might be but also wanted to share it with you, Gentle Reader, and … Continue reading

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Finding a ballet class in Los Angeles

Got an email the other day, Somebody moving to Los Angeles, looking for recommendations on where to take ballet. And it got me thinking, because I’d just done this post about the big places to take ballet class in New … Continue reading

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Please advise this pointe-y beginner

Hey Gentle Reader, help me out here: You know my time on pointe was cut stupid short by a non-pointe-related ballet-class injury, and then the class disbanded while I was recovering. Not Cool, Ballet Classmates Who Let The Class Fall … Continue reading

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Used Book Store FTW

Dude, Gentle Reader, check this out: Received this email from Emily the other day, and I thought it was so cool I asked permission to share, and she said yes so here goes: So you know how you find all … Continue reading

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Ok but am I gonna *look* like a ballerina?

So, how’s this for crazy: Two people named Victoria commented/asked a question the other day. Two! Two Victorias! In one day! Two Victorias! And even crazier, the Two Victorias had similar things to say. Victorias In Tandem! Co-Victoria Questioning! Great … Continue reading

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SAB Skirt tutorial

Ok, so my first thought back when Juliette of Ballet Scoop asked me to do this tutorial was: Who you callin’ an S.O.B.?! but she was all like Girl, please, stop being twelve years old and teach us how to … Continue reading

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There’s something in my eye. Don’t look at me. Just read this email from a reader

Hey there Gentle Reader, I received this email recently, and, well, it really touched me. May have tugged at my mean old heartstrings a little, dang it! Asked the writer for permission to share it, and she said yes, so … Continue reading

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