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Man Up.

Got an email from a dude the other day, A hardcore airborne soldier type dude. A dude who has jumped out of more than one airplane, On Purpose, guns a-blazing, with a knife gripped in his teeth and a Don’t … Continue reading

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I see you baby, shaking that ass

WordPress sent me an email recently, saying Congratulations On Four Years Of Total Blognation. Ok they didn’t word it exactly like that but they did say congratulations. Four years! Maybe you’re looking over at the archives right now and thinking, … Continue reading

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I like canvas for summer

The Capezio Pro Canvas split sole. Pretty. Insole bunches up under toes though. Just have to remember to take them off and smooth the insole out before barre starts or else I’m all princess-and-the-pea, my-pirouettes-don’t-work-because-my-shoes time.

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Pattern-making Know-it-all versus Silly Stretch Lace Dress.

Saw this silly little dress the other day, Sheer stretch lace, tank style bodice, handkerchief-hem skirt. “ooh, fun for ballet class over a leotard and tights!” Right? Pulled it off the rack, held the hanger up to my shoulders, turned … Continue reading

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Wear pink to ballet class, apparently

Only two of us in ballet class the other day, And somehow, bizarrely, like we couldn’t have called ahead and planned it better: the other girl was head to toe ballet pink- And I mean H2T, as in headband, leotard, … Continue reading

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My people

Received this delicious photo via an anonymous field agent. Note the big X crossing out the alteration tag, indicating the costume has been fit, adjusted, and is ready to go. That’s my people.

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What I got at Danny’s Warehouse

The haul: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Let’s break it down. Leotards: Bloch long sleeve with ruche front and a super hot little ruche at the base of the low scooped back, in hunter green. Interesting silicone grippy edge along the inside of the … Continue reading

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Just a few more pictures from Danny’s Warehouse

Sooooo, are these shorts for dancers, or are they for “dancers”? Should’ve bought a pair of tap shoes. Not for dancing but for the NOISE!!!!! Omg. Are these ice skates?! Without the blade?? I’ve never even heard of such a … Continue reading

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Danny’s Warehouse, the Adult Beginner Review

name: Danny’s Warehouse website: location: Culver City (see website for street address) hours: Sunday through Friday 9-5, closed Saturday. Read that a second time before you get in the car. They are closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays. … Continue reading

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Why you’ll never catch the Adult Beginner wearing those nylon trash-bag warm-up dance-shorts:

(actually those things are getting cuter and cuter the more I look at this picture. Resolve crumbling oh noooooooooo)

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