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Astonish Me

Here is a quote from Astonish Me, a novel by Maggie Shipstead, that made me smile and then reach up and dog-ear the page: As she pulls open the door to the ballet school, she sees Joan through a studio’s … Continue reading

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Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail,

Right? Especially when it’s an advance copy of a novel involving a ballerina and the words “infatuation” “scandal” and “tempestuous”. Hells yes! Review coming soon, peeps and peep-ettes. Btw, it totally delights me to see “Adult Beginner” handwritten on a … Continue reading

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Ballerina by Edward Stewart. Now with more ebook.

The other day I was kinda staring down my copy of Ballerina, by Edward Stewart, and wondering if I could come up with an excuse to read it again, which would make it Time Number Three- First time was before … Continue reading

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One way to measure wealth

Scored Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homans today at a used bookstore, for the exciting price of $4.95. I’ve already read it (ebook) (library). But never bought the physical book even though I wanted it, because it cost like $40 and … Continue reading

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The Cranes Dance. Read it, for reals.

Sometimes when I’m reading a book I’m really into, I’ll slow down close to the end so I can live in that world just a little bit longer, Right? We all do this right? I just read The Cranes Dance … Continue reading

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The Adult Beginner may or may not be emotionally mature enough for YA

Picked up Marie, Dancing By Carolyn Meyer the other day, Not sure why but I went to the library Totally Determined to find some kinda ballet-themed young adult fiction. Not looking for anything specific, just figured there must be something. … Continue reading

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Those cotton tights.

Oh man, Gentle Reader, I kind of hate to admit this but: I’ve actually been wearing the Danskin cotton tights that I got from the discount bin that turned out to be all faded in patches and with totally dead … Continue reading

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He’s not actually a very helpful study partner

Brushing up on the five port de bras exercises, with a little help from my big helper. Number five is my favorite, makes me think of dodging bullets in slomo a la The Matrix.

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Scratch and Sketch Ballet

A friend gave this book to me, and before you are all, “Girl, please. That is a kid’s book and you are supposed to be a grown-up,” please to direct your attention to the subtitle, “An Art Activity Book for … Continue reading

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If you read Blood Memory three times in front of a mirror at midnight…

Omg the Adult Beginner is totes exhausted you guys. Decided it was time for The Baby to start sleeping in his crib, in his own room, instead of the increasingly-too-small-for-him bassinet right by my side of the bed, and It … Continue reading

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