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People getting crazy around books, and a time capsule of 1950’s ballet outfits.

Speaking of pick-up lines in that other post got me remembering the Best Line Ever, which was totally wasted on me a few years ago in a used bookstore: Dude came up and said, “Can I help you find anything?” … Continue reading

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Astonish Me

Here is a quote from Astonish Me, a novel by Maggie Shipstead, that made me smile and then reach up and dog-ear the page: As she pulls open the door to the ballet school, she sees Joan through a studio’s … Continue reading

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Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail,

Right? Especially when it’s an advance copy of a novel involving a ballerina and the words “infatuation” “scandal” and “tempestuous”. Hells yes! Review coming soon, peeps and peep-ettes. Btw, it totally delights me to see “Adult Beginner” handwritten on a … Continue reading

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Ballerina by Edward Stewart. Now with more ebook.

The other day I was kinda staring down my copy of Ballerina, by Edward Stewart, and wondering if I could come up with an excuse to read it again, which would make it Time Number Three- First time was before … Continue reading

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One way to measure wealth

Scored Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homans today at a used bookstore, for the exciting price of $4.95. I’ve already read it (ebook) (library). But never bought the physical book even though I wanted it, because it cost like $40 and … Continue reading

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The Cranes Dance. Read it, for reals.

Sometimes when I’m reading a book I’m really into, I’ll slow down close to the end so I can live in that world just a little bit longer, Right? We all do this right? I just read The Cranes Dance … Continue reading

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The Adult Beginner may or may not be emotionally mature enough for YA

Picked up Marie, Dancing By Carolyn Meyer the other day, Not sure why but I went to the library Totally Determined to find some kinda ballet-themed young adult fiction. Not looking for anything specific, just figured there must be something. … Continue reading

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Those cotton tights.

Oh man, Gentle Reader, I kind of hate to admit this but: I’ve actually been wearing the Danskin cotton tights that I got from the discount bin that turned out to be all faded in patches and with totally dead … Continue reading

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He’s not actually a very helpful study partner

Brushing up on the five port de bras exercises, with a little help from my big helper. Number five is my favorite, makes me think of dodging bullets in slomo a la The Matrix.

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Scratch and Sketch Ballet

A friend gave this book to me, and before you are all, “Girl, please. That is a kid’s book and you are supposed to be a grown-up,” please to direct your attention to the subtitle, “An Art Activity Book for … Continue reading

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