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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scene photo-action from the Giant Chocolate Bunny shoot

Photographed on-location in a real driveway!!! Backdrop taped to the garage door. Just like how the professionals do it!!!

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Chocolate Bunnies go on half-price sale today,

Get them before they get you.

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Balanchine Net: what is it, where is it, how it is.

Going through my fabric just now I came across this little bit of Balanchine net, It’s white IRL, but lookit how cool it looks with the weirdo blue filter! This bit is left-over from a petticoat I made for a … Continue reading

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Went to see Paul Taylor Dance Company at the Music Center last weekend. (A friend gave me tickets because I am the luckiest) All I knew going in is that Paul Taylor is one of the big names of American … Continue reading

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The little red light

Every theater in the world has one, and here’s the one at LA’s Music Center: That’s the view straight up toward the ceiling, the red light is at the edge of the balcony, right in the middle of the house … Continue reading

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Astonish Me

Here is a quote from Astonish Me, a novel by Maggie Shipstead, that made me smile and then reach up and dog-ear the page: As she pulls open the door to the ballet school, she sees Joan through a studio’s … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!!!!

The Adult Beginner is a little late with the New Year’s post, so here, I got you this card. Hahahaaaa! You all have a four month head-start on the Adult Beginner, so how are those goals going? How’s the year … Continue reading

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Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail,

Right? Especially when it’s an advance copy of a novel involving a ballerina and the words “infatuation” “scandal” and “tempestuous”. Hells yes! Review coming soon, peeps and peep-ettes. Btw, it totally delights me to see “Adult Beginner” handwritten on a … Continue reading

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Plz help a reader with her Pirouette Problem!

Got this email from a reader. Let’s called her K-boom. K-boom needs pirouette help, you guys. K-boom says: “I’ve been taking classes seriously for 2 years, 2-3 times a week. I am the ONLY person in my class who cannot … Continue reading

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Sidewalk’s for regular walking

We were doing waltz steps around the room in ballet class the other night, regular ones, and then the turning ones, and three things happened: Thing 1. I was wearing a ball gown, in my mind. It had a massive … Continue reading

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